Genoa v Roma Liveblog

Short. ugh......Genoa break.....Rossi...3-1. Milito. Game's done, liveblog's done and so is my watching Serie A for some time. Don't understand the point if it's going to be like this.

86' Cicinho bundled. Free kick........corner.

85' Nice cross from Cicinho into Aquilani, who heads it over the bar.

84' Milito creates a chance, fires over the bar. Good opportunity for #3 there.

Olivera free kick wide, Montella about to come on. Menez off. A good game from the lad. å

82' Loria gets a yellow for a Milito dive. Why do we even bother watching?

80' I didn't think this could get any worse, I was wrong. Okaka is featuring a new 'do: Rocksteady meets the tall guy from Kid N Play.

Then he runs through Genoa's entire midfield. Nice.

79' Showing Roma's onside goal that wasn't again. Rub it in why don't ya?

77' Menez with a sweet tackle, but Genoa's everywhere. Vuci & Ferrari, Mirko waits for reinforcements...nothin. Aquilani on for Simone. They need a Roman hero today....

Okaka on for Taddei. What's left to lose?

75' Roma attempting to break. Menez fouled....yellow for Juic.

73' Genoa chance in the box saved easily by Doni...they come back and Olivera puts one just wide which would've been 3. God, now we have to add suspensions - though if anything has a chance of being overturned, it's that one - to this.

72' I'm can't wait to hear Spal's presser......Cicinho shown a yellow as Genoa goes on the break.

70' More of the same, Roma back to defending now. I swear, something good must be in store for the future because this is terrible.

This is an absolutely terrible reffing job. Absolutely fucking horrendous. That was MAYBE a yellow.

Aaaaaand Panucci's goal looked perfectly legit. De Rossi red. Wonderful.

PAnucci goal offside???????????? What the idea what's happening hear. Panucci goal ruled offside.

65' Genoa with some confidence now. Like to see a sub here, not sure who, but someone. Team needs a boost.

Ferrari fouls Cicinho, free kick......headed out. Roma throw.

63' K, he was onside. Another player was off, which is different discussion altogether.

60' Loria wit some cheeky work to control possession....Cicinho on the ball....and he dribbles through the midfield only for someone, Perrotta maybe, to give away the ball.

Silly coner conceded. Actually, just a bad calll......Milito goal? Wow. 2-1. He looked criminally offside. Huge protests.

58' Sloppy work in midfield right now, no one can keep possession....Cicinho out wide, Genoa wins possession, Milito offside by a nautical mile, ref waits waits until he's written a novella to make the call.

Olivera in for Agent Sculli.

57' Menez and Vuci on the break, they just can't connect in the box. What a chance. Menez's pass a bit behind Miro.

56' Oh Daniele....hammered from 30 just wide of nt.

Palladino in for Gasbarroni.

55' Menez....Vuci turns to shoot and passes...broken up...Gasbarroni....beatiful work, ball lofted in is headed ot by Roma now. Dicey theere. He was all alone down the entire flank.

54' DDR breaks up the attack...Taddei...poor pass into the middle. Have a feeling Okaka could do some things here today. Nice shot saved easily by Doni.

53' Spanish announcers having a fight about Mauri & Amauri, that's all I've got. VCicinhoo cross flies through the top of the 6 yard box. Cripes. No one on the other end.

51' Throw in by Cicinho....working possession....moving the ball around....De Rossi loft a bit too strong for Mirko. Milito's offside on the otheer ennd.

49' Back, two minutes oof game time later.

47' Menez with space o run...he's fouled. That's the only to stop him. Free kick up near the box.....not broadcasting....and the new one s now seemiingly on a delay because we're back to the Menez run...will reload it once the free kick happens...again....easily saved.

46' Menez with some audacious work to win a corner....headed easily iinto Rubinho's arms.


Watching the De Rossi goal, didn't realize he fired in the first header as well. What a player.

A lot of nothing in the rest of the games:

Bologna 0 - Udinese 2
Napoli 1 - Palermo 0
Reggina 0 - Milan 1
Chievo 0 - Torino 1
Juve 1 - Catania 0

The other 4 are nil-nil.

The team looks a bit disjointed, but still with enough quality to get things done. Just have to hope they can continue to keep Genoa out of dangerous positions.


Quick card for Criscito as Genoa is doing anything and everything to stop counters. Could come back to biite them.

44' Vuci with the ball in the box, sends it out, Cicinho crosses to no one, Riise fouls Sculli.

43' There's a certain chhemistry there between Menez and Vucinic. Lovely to see.Jeremy gets a yellow, however.

I think Cicinho has spent twice as much time on the ball as everyone else today. Biava down when Roma had numbers. GOMR's pissed.

41' Roma try to break after the Genoa corner, foul on the way out. Here comes Menez....beautiful ball to an offside Vucinic who would've had the second. Ah well.

39' The stream magically got sound. Guess that happens when you turn the volume up. But all I can hear is spanish spanish spanish...vucinic....spanish...perrotta....bueno. back to mute.

38' Simone gets a yellow for a back of the legs poke. Fair enough.

I'm on my Dutch computer, if you hadn't noticed. Doubles up the vowels when typing quickly.

37' Cicinho's shot with his right foot was too highh earlier, went with the left, same result.

35' Riise sends in a cross to the Jolly Green Giant, Spal is starting to get The Christian Wilhelmsson Look on his face. Good times.

34' GOOMR and Lunchlady Loria with a tag team effort on Milito to save a quality chance on neet.

33' Starting to think that first Genoa goal was good for them. Needed to fight from the start and they're showing serious life noow. On the break...pass to Riise a bit too strong.

32' Riise boots a long ball out for a goal kick. Can take the ginger Norwegian out of the Prem, but you can't take the PPrem out of the Ginger Norwegian.

30' Roma on the's the spark....ball to Mirko tackled well by Criscito. Hey, Menez is playing. Coulda fooled me.

28' The initial header is fired in, Rubinho saves but the rebound is headed right past him and iit's all tied up at the Ferraris.

27' Free kick from GOMR's spot.....fired back to De Rossi....not broadcasting. How wonderful. Retake I guess....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLL DANIELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE

26' Great through ball in, Mirko's clotheslined running onto it, no call. Nice.

25' Ciicinho fires one from 25 over the bar. Goal kick.

24' Alexx just flubs a pass back, luckily there was some help back there with a charging Genoa attacker ready to clean up.

Ugh, this is not looking crisp whatsoever.

22' Some more possession, this time The Fiat clears it out foor a throw. Lumberjack Riise fires one in....De Rossi lofts it, Taddei controls, shoots and it's pushed wide. Fantastic chance there.

20' Milito's taking a beating in there, Genoa giving it back to Mirko & Friends. Another free kick, but Roma haven't really had chances inside the ox to be happy about kick cleared out, GGenoa on the break but it's picked up by Doni Bear.

18' Genoa works the attack, cross sent in easily saved byAlex.

16' Finally some sustained possession. Amounts in a free kick over by the touch line.....De Rossi over it....looking for's short.

14' Criscito wipes out Taddei a bit late, nothing called.

13' Simone with a late challenge, ref charged over like he was getting ready to break down a steel door. Luckily no card.

12' Cicinho sends a ball in, comes back out, whistled for the foul.

10' Milito's down in the area after Genoa went on the attack. Inadvertent elbow, maybe?

8' Some nice play in the middle of the pitch between Cicinho and someone else, can't tell because I'm watching a 1950's picture it seems.

Shot, Doni saves. Looked relatively harmless, turned out otherwise.

6' This game definitely could not have got off to a worse start than this. But at least we needn't worry about the 1-0 lead muck up anymore. Silver lining.

3' Wow, 1-0 Genoa. Sculli. No organization in the back and he beats Riise to the ball. How wonderful.

2' Two mins in, I've finally got a stream. No sound, but the header from Mirko on the corner goes just wide.


Daniele's ready. Are you ready?

Official Lineups:

GENOA (3-4-3): Rubinho; Biava, Ferrari, Criscito; Mesto, Milanetto, Juric, Modesto; Jankovic, Milito, Gasbarroni.
A disp.: Scarpi, Papastathopoulos, Bocchetti, Vanden Borre, Rossi, Olivera, Sculli.
All.: Gasperini.

ROMA (4-2-3-1): Doni; Cicinho, Panucci, Loria, Riise; De Rossi, Brighi; Taddei, Perrotta, Menez; Vucinic.
A disp.: Artur, Mexes, Tonetto, Virga, Aquilani, Montella, Okaka.
All.: Spalletti.

Should get it done.

At this moment the only streams showing up are sketchy Polish sites I've never heard of. This should go well...

The Sopcast channel from Poland seems to be working, we'll see in a minute if they're showing the game. Dirtbikes. Nice.

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