Grabbing A Handful And Looking Ahead

ROME, ITALY - FEBRUARY 19: Massimo Gobbi (L) of Parma FC holds Daniel Osvaldo of AS Roma during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Parma FC at Stadio Olimpico on February 19, 2012 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Unsurprisingly, the upcoming summer may see just as much upheaval as the last, with the entire defense looking to be euthanized by the closest dirty needle and the midfield painfully lacking in quality, system-appropriate depth, making anything but DDR + Pjanic + Gagoonagoodday make us all go searching for that very same dirty needle voluntarily.

And speaking of dirty needles...hey there, Pablo. (Pablo's distracted by that Massimo Gobbi brazenly - but tenderly, mind - cupping a handful.)

Thus, we'll briefly approach the summer in the winter because, let's be honest, Roma went to shoot some fish in the barrel with the gun corked and even the red-headed stepchild of European competitions is too @#$%ing much to ask. (As everyone roots for Italy's UEFA coefficient during the week......)

Roman Untouchables

In the name of the Francesco, the Daniele, the...uhhh...[this space reserved].

Luis' Lovers

There were some gents who, by design or stroke of luck, fit the system splendiferously well and will certainly be kept around for the next year or two, one would imagine. A number because of their young age and promise going forward, others because they're quite good enough right now, further some for cheap, useful veteran leadership and depth. And Osvaldo so long as Atletico Madrid doesn't flog Falcao this summer. (It's PDO's destiny. Don't fight it.)

Erik Lamela

Miralem Pjanic

Maaaarten Stekelenburg

Nicolas Burdisso (Still livin')

Dan Osvaldo

Simone Perrotta

Rodrigo 'Sexyface' Taddei*

Aleandro Rosi

Jose Angels

* - Can the entire fandom please, after all these years, finally admit there is a reason why every coach loves Rodrigo Taddei, and it's because he provides invaluable qualities to a football team not always easily seen to the nekked eye? (Thanks in advance.)

Still Just Renting In Rome

Borini's merely on the list due to his co-ownership status and the wafting stench of northern money sneaking in...

Gabriel Heinze

Fabio Borini


* - Let's not pretend that were this not a two-year loan deal, he'd be shipped back to Barcelona quicker than a syphilis popsicle.

On A Contract, But Don't Be Surprised...

Given how poorly he's performed in the system this year, the Greco renewal to 2015 makes sense from the standpoint of having a cheap 28th option for midfield. (And yet it just happened.) The other...well, let's just say it wouldn't be a surprise.

Leandro Greco



All of these are on the same level for a number of reasons:

i. Is Fernando Gago both the best option for the third spot midfield - considering the rest of Europe as potential concubines (throwing Claudemir's name out here randomly) - and going to come at a wage the suits will like with so many wrecking balls needing to be tossed in the region of the defense? Are they willing to stump up the cash for the fee and wages for depth? There's a lot more to consider than simply whether or not he's done well. Or if there's not a better option for the future.

(Did someone just say Andrea Bertolacci.......)

ii. Simon Kjaer. Still the most gifted player in the defense. Yup - said it.

iii. Marquinho. ________

"Tell Your Agent To Find Yourself A Club, Please - If Not We'll Welcome You Back With One."

Flabio Simplicio

Free (To Get The @#$% Out)

Marco Cassetti


Goalkeepers Not Vida La Viva

Do they really matter?


Anyone under 20 is a fair bet for a loan, as evidenced by Federico Viviani, 2011-12. Being ready in Serie A ain't the same as being ready in Spain - there's a reason why these kids are booted to the closest relegation fighter for years so that they can get some experience. Not everyone is Daniele De Rossi.


Those out on loan are another consideration for another day.


People will come in, people will go out.


(For kicks: Gago, Juan, Simplicio, Cassetti, Kjaer and Cicinho exit stage Rome.)

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