2012-2013 Roma squad

Okay so with all the Christan Eriksen love that have been in the papers/internets recently, I've been thinking ahead to the mercato and next year's squad. There have been many names but I only want a few.

At GK, I am happy with Steks and Pigliacelli has earned a spot. 3rd GK can go to Curci or Lobont or even JSB (who I've always liked).

At CB, I think we keep Juan/Heinze for one more year to ease the transition to the new blood. Kjaer has what 14 weeks left to earn his spot. I'm not counting on it. If he improves, then great - we keep him, welcome Burdisso back and promote Antei, who, by all accounts, has been very good. If no Kjaer, then we need to bring in a 22-25 yr old CB that is ready to roll in Serie A.

At wing (I refuse to call it FB or wing back with LE). Isla was the dream but we'll see what his injury does to that dream. One proven wing and Crescenzi and I am VERY happy.

At MF - I think Gago and Viviani have gotten bad raps in the vice DDR spot. Reason being is that although nobody can do DDR's job like DDR, when DDR is in that spot, he usually has Gago along side of him. When Gago/Viviani are in the DDR spot, they typically have Simplicio or Greco along side. That makes a HUGE difference. That said, we need one defensive-minded or box-to-box right midfielder. I nominate either Florenzi (who has been killing it, by all accounts in Serie B and with U-21) or Bertolacci. We also need one offensive-minded vice-Pjanic. Here is where I can't resist the Roma-loving Eriksen. He's only 20 and he's one of the best players for Ajax already. Lets get it done. Verre could go on loan and get experience. I think he will also be very good but I'm not sure how much sense it makes to have Pjanic, Lamela, Eriksen and Verre all on the same team while Totti is still able to play mroe games than not. In two years when Totti will likely need more time between starts, Verre can come back.

At forward - it seems like many want a new striker (ala Higuain). I think if we get Eriksen, he might play some at 3/4ista, pushing Totti back up to forward at times. That, combined with Lamela, Borini, Osvaldo and either Caprari or Piscitella, I think will be enough. (And I believe Bojan will be with us for another year.)

That said, my wish list is as follows: Isla (or similar wing), a stud CB, Eriksen and bring back Antei, Crescenzi, one between Florenzi/Bertolacci and one between Caprari/Piscitella. Say goodbye to Simplicio, Kjaer, Greco.

Squad: Steks, Pigliacelli, Curci, Juan, Heinze, Burdisso, stud CB, Antei, Rosi, Isla, Crescenzi, Taddei, Angel, DDR, Gago, Viviani, Florenzi/Bertolacci, Perrotta, Pjanic, Eriksen, Lamela, Totti, Borini, Osvaldo, Caprari/Piscitella, Bojan.

THAT is a balanced team with enough talent/experience to qualify for CL and enough youth that they will improve over time and 10 Romans and 13 Italians (14 if the CB is Italian). Also not very expensive.

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