To Bo or not to Bo



The question:

As we are edging into the dying stages of the season, we all probably realize that half our current squad is subject to change due to the fun nature of the deals we made ages past (Last Summer). But of all these players, of all the more important deals, of all the Kjaer's and the Heinze's and the Gago's who have been good, terrific and pure horrible at times.. I've somehow chosen the most curios deals of them all. BoBo. One's a keeper the other is still listed down as talent.. Talent we've often seen, but all to little and all to inconsistent.

Bottom lines: Should we keep him? Can We keep him? (And since comparisons are fun, and for the sake of it) Let's tell the tale of two Bo's.



To Bo:

You know in weddings, when it's asked if anyone objects say I? And the groom looks for a second to the people as if waiting for someone to say I so he can murder him, well when the bride is someone like Bor... Ahem... Not the best of analogies but you get my idea.

He's the surprise of the year, he's the deal of the year, he's the man of the year... He saved our offense and he looks to be going to save Italy's too. He's too good to be true, he's too young to be true, he's a fucking miracle.

If Bojan's talent has been much talked about, Borini's talent has been much displayed. I shudder to think what this man might evolve into if he keeps up this rate of scoring... we could seriously be looking at our own new Batigol.

And even though statistics don't tell half the story, especially in Borini's case, they're still staggering... and putting into consideration how Osvaldo was our No.1 Scorer until midway through the season when he got injured and Borini got his chance... and talk about taking it.

  • Age: 21
  • Games: 19
  • Starts: 15
  • Shots: 40
  • On Goal: 17
  • Goals: 9

That aside from the constant, endless, eternal running, hustling and the intensity he brings to the pitch. Fact is he's not supposed to be this good, not even supposed to be anywhere close.

And so we find ourselves lamenting our earlier decisions of not buying him outright in the first place.. but how could we have known? And anyway we are closer to securing him in form of a Co-ownership that sees him playing with us until 2013, then we'll decide who gets him with, hopefully before hand like proper gentlemen. Or later by force.

A last word I must say: How could one so young be so indispensable to the club?




Not to Bo:

Picture says it all really... In fact both pictures do. Bojan up until now, is a missed chance, he is talented yet over hyped. He's good yet a lot is expected of him. He grew up in Messi's shadow, and changed scenery only to live under Borini's. But no matter what is said about him, and no matter how much he's done or will do. Nothing can justify his price tag ought we want to keep him.

I mean 40 Million is 40 Million, no matter how you slice it there's no way I would pay that much for a kid unless his first name was Leo, and Last Messi... and not French...

I mean Osvaldo proved he was remotely worth the 17 Million, so to be Worth 40 you have to play on... Ibra Levels of Stupendousity... (I think I just invented a word).

My expectation would be that, he'll get the first half of next season as a last chance to impress. Then depending on the deals we don't hear about or his actual performace on the pitch we might sit down with the guys at Camp Nou and tell them "Look, About that 40 Million... We were thinking maybe 5". And if they agree to that, then I see no harm in acquiring the young Bo. (Hey wait they're both young..)

Mind you, he has a nice trait I call "Subtastic". He can get on the pitch and create chances in the dying minutes of the game, he can raise the energy level if for a small amount of time... and then miss all those chances so that we forget about them... So yeah.

Anyway because words are nothing without stats, I present to you!

  • Age: 21
  • Games: 25
  • Starts: 8
  • Shots: 42
  • On Goal: 16
  • Goals: 4
Speaks volumes.


I love to do this, it's human nature to compare, so let's get Natury (Hey I'm good at this)

First off, In 4 Less games Borini has managed to make slightly less (By 2) shots, yet more of which (By 1) on goal. and more importantly of these almost same amount of chances he has scored 5 more damned goals. Bearing in mind he's played 4 less games, but started most of them.

So to round off, in a perfect world where Roma would wear Pink and Fluffy, I would take both, but since there is the matter of the defense.. which in itself needs a five book epic to begin to describe it, if we were limited to one of the two, I think it's obvious what to go for. Any opinions on this please share!

And Here's to more FanPosts!

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