Who said we don't have Italitans?



Many would argue that we are becoming a team of Mercenaries, or for lack of better word (Non Italians). And all throughout the season any who said this would be proved right, biggest point being our Mercato. I mean lets look at our in and out as far as I can remember:


  • Kjaer
  • Pjanic
  • Gago
  • Osvaldo
  • Borini
  • Jose Angel
  • Nego
  • Nico Lopez
  • Marquinho
  • Lamela
  • Steks
  • Heinze
  • Bojan
A very long list of people we *bought, yet only two Italians. And then you look at the names we've exported:
  • Borriello
  • Vuci
  • Mexy
  • Riise
  • Brighi
  • Menez
  • Castellini (Although I remember him being a loan?)
  • Loria
And on top of that, we got rid of a young Italian Coach only to get an unproven young Spanish coach. We've even dropped all Italian like tactics to opt for the more Spanish version of the 4-3-3.
So many have wondered why are we ignoring our heritage? Why are we going for outsiders and overlooking all the talents we have in Italy, why not get Italian Stars with the money we spent this year, and I have thought on those same lines throughout the season until I saw this:

ha salutato caldamente i quattro possibiligiocatori in ottica azzurra: De Rossi, Totti, Osvaldo e Borini.

That made me stop and think, wait. So wait, we now have a possible 4 Roma players in the Azzurri? And four I really love?
What's been going on? Haven't we been selling Italians in favor of South Americans?
Four players in Italy is as good or better than the Spalleti Days, and i know most of us would rather Totti stay focused on Roma, but still three in Italia is as good as the Spal era. And not to mention our squad is slowly becoming entirely composed of National team players (Defense aside).
So we haven't been neglecting Italians, we've been getting the good ones, and making our own even better.
Of course this is a topic that's open to debate, and of course the number one question on my mind is.
Is this attention from prandelli good or bad? I mean for players like Totti, I would not want him hurting himself again in the Euros (As much as I would give anything to see him play again for italy, the cost is too damn high), but for players like Borini, this could only help him develop.

So Good or bad? Fluke or planning? I would love to hear any opinions of this.

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