Destro Watch & Other Bullets

FLORENCE, ITALY - MAY 14: Mattia Destro during a press conference at Coverciano on May 14, 2012 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

With Michael Bradley already in the fold, Leandro Castan landing in Rome, and the Panagiotis Tachtsidis deal reportedly being finalized on Tuesday, weeks of speculation are slowly becoming reality.

Except, of course, with respect to Mattia Destro, as Genoa and Siena continue to negotiate his future...

Genoa CEO Pietro Lo Monaco offered this limited and ambiguous insight

In the eventuality that Genoa manage to sign him back from Siena, then I can say with some certainty that Roma moved early and very well for the player...Roma have taken the steps they feel necessary and I hope that we can resolve the situation with Siena at some stage this week...There are only two options for Destro...He will either stay at Siena for a season or he returns to us and we will then consider offers.

Just vague enough to give Roma fans hope, yet not conclusive enough to rule out Inter, Juventus or Milan.

Onto the bullets:

Sebastian Jung:

Ivan Piris:

  • Speaking of Piris, Roma appear to be on the brink of beating Sevilla to the punch for the young defender from Paraguay. For his part, the Sao Paulo defender says he'd be happy with the transfer.

Bojan & Davide Santon

  • Furthering the Newcastle-Roma rumors, this tidbit indicates that Newcastle is keen on Bojan and would be willing to part with Santon to get 'er done. The complication being, of course, the unique loan deal with Barcelona, making it difficult (if not impossible) for Roma to unilaterally decide his future. For his part, Bojan seems intent on proving his worth at Roma. Adding Jung and Debuchy to their roster would appear to make Santon expendible, so perhaps Newcastle can be swayed to part with him in a Bojan-less deal.

Serdar Tasci

  • This is a new one, but Roma and Milan are now being connected with the German defender, with a price tag of at least €10M. Tasci has also been recently linked with Barcelona, but Roma has "interest". So, this being a slow news day, take it as you will. So far this summer, the rumors that made the most sense, financially and football-wise, have gained steam and credence bit-by-bit, so lets keep this one in our collective back pocket for now, barring any further developments.

Hall of Fame

  • Fan voting has been tabulated so far on goalkeeper, right-sided center back, and right back, found here. This weeks voting focuses on left-sided center back, where Aldair figures to be a safe bet for enshrinement.

So that is about it, with the U.S.tour beginning this Sunday and the time to integrate new players running short, expect the rumors to be rampant and the anxiety high.

More news to follow, Destro-related or otherwise.
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