Youth Movements Are Cheap

BOLZANO, ITALY - JULY 14: Head coach of AS Roma Zdenek Zeman speaks to players during a preseason friendly match between AS Roma and Gaz Metan Medias on July 14, 2012 in Riscone near Bolzano, Italy. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

These were screenshot by someone far more prescient than yours truly - which is to say they were found on the internets - via Gazzetta. The new editions will be posted once again in the first weeks of September alongside an Instagrammed snap of a devilishly delighted Silvio Berlusconi with panties strewn about his gazebo, suspiciously inked with Just For Men #12. (Assuming those things can be selected numerically like dirty take-out.)

Changeover is, by its very definition, to result in lots of people going that-a-way, with even more coming this-a-way. Therefore, seeing people drop off these lists will come of no surprise to anyone but those who've yet to have their morning doppio. But one thing which has been readily apparent is those dropping off the list seem to arrive more commonly from the top: wage-cutting. Completely altering the identity of the team, particularly through the inclusion of children, will, of course, result in such, but pay attention to the wage difference from 10-11 to 11-12, and furthermore, from 11-12 to 12-13. All the 'spensive ones are finding homes elsewhere, while those being brought in - Castan, Bradley, Copy/Paste, etc. - aren't going to send Daniele lookin' to his agent for a pay-bump because the gap between he and number three isn't this____big any longer.

Removed are those who've left, or those who are expected to leave/will-be-put-before-suspicious-looking-Eastern-European-gents-if-they-don't. Also indicated is my difficulty maneuvering this fancy trackball mouse contraption from the future. I need a pigeon.





(Barusso doesn't even generate consideration enough to care. And no one loves Leandro Greco.)

Who'd like to wager that this year's pay scale drops below 70 million? It's not unreasonable from a business perspective, of course, since this will make two years sans Champions League football, with one less spot for which Serie A can fight to boot.

Nonetheless, this was likely always part of the plan. Watch those (lower) spaces.

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