Destro Watch: Deal Done by Day's End?

SIENA, ITALY - JANUARY 22: Mattia Destro of AC Siena in action during the Serie A match between AC Siena and SSC Napoli at Artemio Franchi - Mps Arena Stadium on January 22, 2012 in Siena, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Multiple reports, in both the English and Italian media, are indicating that Mattia Destro will be a Roma player within 24 hours. Genoa and Siena have finally settled their co-ownership arrangement, with Siena effectively selling Destro to Genoa for €7M who, in turn, will sell him to Roma for approximately €12M (5 million upfront, with a further 7 million due next year to complete the sale). However, there are indications that Juventus are attempting to sway Destro away from Roma.

Should the deal be completed within the next 24 hours, word on the streets is that Destro will sign a five year deal, paying him €1.5M in the first season with annual raises thereafter.

More news and details when it comes official.

Update #1: There appears to be an impasse between the club and Destro over the proposed wages in the contract, with a reported difference of €300,000 standing in the way, the proverbial blood in the water has caught the attention of the sharks in Milan and Torino (Juventus).

Update #2: Genoa President Enrico Preziosi claims the Destro affair is the "silliest thing that has ever happened to me". Preziosi went on to say, quite rightly, that far too much attention is being generated for a player as unproven as Destro. Ultimately, Preziosi says if the deal is not done by Saturday, then Destro will remain at Siena, playing for €400,000 rather than the millions Roma have offered.

Update #3: Siena has resorted to sending their Director of Sport, Luca Antonelli, in to personally convince Destro to accept Roma's wage offer.

At this point, the difference between what Roma is offering and what Destro wants (roughly €400,000-€500,000), is exactly what he'll make at Siena next year, as both Genoa and Siena seem intent on keeping their promise to sell him to Roma. Makes you wonder if Destro and his agent have done that math.

Update #4: Genoa Director of Sport, Pietro Lo Monaco, confirms that Juventus' offer of higher wages threw the monkey wrench into this deal. Reportedly, Destro's agent will meet with Roma on Monday.

Destro Watch 2012 continues...

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