The C word....Coach

Its mid season and Roma is in search of a new C-man. What will happen this time and who will pull the finger? Third time is a charm they say and this might be Managements last chance to get it right or ....

So before pointing fingers again this time next year and wondering "what if" lets look at some of the names thrown out there:

Massimiliano Allegri-the boy had some good games with Cagliari and the key word being Cagliari. Build himself up from minor clubs and finally got Sassuollo into Serie B (first time). So he went onto signing a contract with Cagliari next season. This is where the Mystery happened. After five losses in the beginning of the season he was offered a 2 year extension after which he joined Milan. I do not have to tell you that Milan are not as nearly as close as what Roma is right now. So although he sounds romantic he might not just be the right person for Roma.

Laurent Blanc, great defender, one of the best football has ever seen. The first set back that comes up into mind is...not to be racist but he is French. Spent a lot of time in France and I as a fan of Roma do not want to see another "LE" behind the sterring wheel.

Carlo Ancelotti was a great servant to Roma, back when he was in the midfield, but my personal opinion is things should stay that way. What is more, he would be the worst person to develop talent in Roma...just ask Thierry Henry.

The Wild Cards

Montella, Spaletti and Stramaccioni

Well we know Spaletti is a huge long shot. The guy is happy in Russia, gets money, drinks espressos with the coaching staff every morning. Why come to back?

Montella would most probably get a major support from the owners of Fiorentina depending the place the team ends up. What is more he has really formed a team there and might personally want to see how things actually. He would be perfect...a big Roma fan, a person that would grab that locker room spirit and turn it into points. He would have the support of the leaders of the team and would really grasp the idea Management has in mind.

Stramaccioni would be very interesting option. Already been in Roma, the guy knows his way around Trigoria. He is young ,hip and excited...some may call him Steve Jobs of Roma (wow). He would excatly what we need (second in the list after a mirracle) to see Roma be champions one day in the near few years. If given a chance Strama might just become the Italian Villas Boas...but you know ...with Roma, instead of Tottenham.

So when the season ends I will be praying for the Roma young boys...Strama or Montella to grab things and turn them around, slowly with fresh hints of future greatness. So whoever arrives in Roma comes summer, lets hope he wont need to hire an assistant manager to help him talk to the italians in the tema.

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