Morgan De Sanctis Joins The Roma Goalkeeping Pu Pu Platter

Claudio Villa

The man just wants to hug...something.

Your knights in shining armor, your nights in shimmering tears. Bogdan Lobont. Morgan De Sanctis. Julio Sergio Bertagnoli. That Polish Dude. With Morgan's arrival in Rome, sporting a t-shirt that makes no damn sense and blue mirror shades, another name has been added to the list of those we can blame for Roma's failings in the coming season. I mean the list of goalkeepers. No, probably the other one. This is your new Roman Pu Pu Platter: a number of keepers difficult to differentiate between, any having the capacity - throwing JSB in there because Rudi's one of those coaches who could potentially dust off his cobwebs - to spend time between the sticks. Morgan may now be the favorite, but it's open season. No one is winning this competition based on name alone.

The officials: 500,000 euro fee, two year contract. Bargain shopping.

This isn't a bad move, but it ain't a good one, either. Morgan De Sanctis is decent, but if you're looking for solid, error-free keeping? Look elsewhere. The potential for Doni flashbacks is high, so keep your psychotropic-dispensing MDs on speed dial. Oh, and Napoli clearly valued every goalkeeper on the planet more than MDS, bringing in both Rafael (longtime Roma target) and Jose Reina while basically feeling up Julio Cesar, ultimately deciding they didn't want his whole milkshake.

There is just, again, so little to say. Value and cost trumped quality in this case, and that's fine. They need to build a solid wall in front of whomever they hand the gloves, or at least finally learn to bury goals til they're blue in the face, before outlaying the bulk of their limited funds on someone who will be of no real use without a quality side in front of him. Not even Lev Yashin would've proved useful in Rome the last two years. Thus, he we are with Morgan; a short-term move given his age while the focus is precisely where it should be - eleven, not one.

But in good news, Roma finally has a ginger again.

Update: Too soon for Morgan to feature in the Aris friendly tomorrow. (2100 local)


@#$%ing Tallo...

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