Roma's Number One Prospect Is...

We're down to two, so who is Roma's best U-23 prospect, Mattia Destro or Juan Iturbe?

Roma's Attack Among League's Best

Led by Francesco Totti and finally blessed with some continuity, Roma's attack should be among Italy's finest this season.

Ranking Roma's Youth: Numbers Three & Four


Adem Ljajic and Alessandro Florenzi, Roma's third and fourth rank prospects, each face uncertain playing time this season and may very well be pitted against one another.

Ranking Roma's Youth: Numbers Five & Six

The next stop in our countdown of Roma's best prospects features two supremely talented midfielders, one of whom may be an heir to a legend.

Ranking Roma's Youth: Part II

Roma's seventh and eighth rated prospects are short on experience, but long on talent and potential. In part II of our countdown, we take a look at the futures of Tin Jedvaj and Antonio Sanabria.

Ranking Roma's Youth: Part I

Roma has a lot of impressive youth prospects, so why not rank them? Part I features two born and bred Romans, each of whom has already featured at the senior level.

Speculating on Roma's Attack

Did we really spend 30m for Iturbe to keep Marco company on the bench? How deep is Rudi’s love for Gervinho? Will Totti show signs of slowing down? Can Adem see more minutes then there are calories...

Francesco Totti vs Father Time


As we just saw last night, even as he approaches 38-years-old, Francesco Totti's talent remains nearly unmatched. But what does the future hold for Totti and for Roma?

Sell Mattia Destro? Not on Your Life

Walter Sabatini hasn't signed anyone in over 48 hours, so, now that we have a moment to breathe, let's destroy an absurd rumor that surfaced last week, the notion that Roma would ever sell Mattia...

A Tale of Two Iturbes

Juan Iturbe is expensive, but he's also young and quite inexperienced. Using a couple of examples from last season, we examine the peaks and valley's of his game.

Big Walt's Big Gamble


Given the age and cost of Roma's most recent acquisitions, is there any reason to worry about the future stability and continuity of the club?

Making use of Marco Borriello


In case you had forgotten, Marco Borriello is still a Roma player, one who might actually provide some value to the club this coming season, but in what form?

Reviewing Roma's Goalkeepers

Sure, Roma's defense was outstanding this season, but don't sell the men between the sticks short. Morgan De Sanctis was among the leagues best keepers, while Lukasz Skorupski flashed some...

Raiding The Relegated: Sassuolo Style

While they may have given themselves some breathing room, Sassuolo is still in danger of relegation. While we'd all love Domenico Berardi, or even Simone Zaza, there is only one realistic name...

The Dynamic Duo


Mattia Destro and Gervinho have played alongside each other for little more than three months, yet they're fast becoming the league's most prolific scoring combination.

The Man Who Sold The World


On the eve of his latest return, we take a look at what might have been for the man who proclaimed he’d walk back to Roma for a shot at redemption. What might Antonio Cassano achieved for himself,...

The Early Returns on Romagnoli


Alessio Romagnoli is only 19-years-old. He is not now, nor will he ever be, a fullback. But guess what? He hasn't done that bad. Join us in a brief analysis of Alessio Romagnoli: Roma's Newest...

The Ivorian Enigma


Space may be the final frontier, but it's also the key to stopping a player like Gervinho. Whether they suffocate or surrender to him, Serie A defenses can't seem to unwrap this enigma. We take a...

The Next Nineteen


Roma just completed a club record first half, garnering 44 points through 19 matches, so, no reason to complain, right?Maybe, maybe not. We take a look at how Roma rose to such heights and pick out...

Fullback Follies


Roma has had some fantastic players the past 10-12 years, ace midfielders, top notch center backs and, of course, Francesco Totti, but fullback? That's been a different story, but why?

Maximizing Miralem


Miralem Pjanic has labored under four managers in his three years in Roma, but this year is different. This year the recipe has changed. So how has Rudi Garcia managed to make the most out of...

Finding Florenzi


Though he's only in his second season, Alessandro Florenzi has already experienced the highs and lows of being a Roman; the crushing expectations, the delirious highs, and the ever present...

RomAzzurri 2014

With the recent call up of Alessandro Florenzi and Federico Balzaretti, as well as the spectre of Francesco Totti, we take a look at what these Roma players have to offer for Italy in 2014.

Putting Klose on Clampdown


He may be 35 years old, but Miroslav Klose is as efficient as ever. In only five matches against Roma, Klose has scored three goals, so what hope does Roma have at stopping him this time around?

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