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All I Wanted For Christmas...

Was Michael Bradley saying Romanistas and a Gervinho hat. Wishes granted.

Roma Complete Transfer of Michael Bradley


A.S Roma have completed the transfer of Michael Bradley. The signing gives Bradley the chance to be the first American outfield player to succeed at a truly large European Club; a watershed moment...

The Moment Has Come. Maybe.


Imprudent? Perhaps. Knee-jerk? Likely. Somewhat inaccurate? Yup. Insane? Why not. Temporary? Possibly. That doesn't change the here and now. A day we've long known was coming. At current, at this...

The Unexpected


Siena v Roma Firstly... Novara Calcio: Making Roma's results against Inter look relatively insignificant since Sept. 2011. So, you know...thanks. Enjoy Serie B for the next 55 years as payback. O...

Ignorance Is Truly Bliss


Chi? Quite the delightful week to be a Roma fan, isn't it? In fact, one things just gets better than the next. Daniele's contract signing was far better than the game, with the news his hand...

Let's Try This Again, Swamp Edition


Catania 1 - Roma 1, 64' I'm going to throw a fit: this is stupid. Because, and if only because, teasing us with 30 minutes of Roma just isn't cool. How am I supposed to go on and enjoy the rest of...

Christmas, Six Weeks Late


Daniele's inked. Five years. (Details tomorrow - which is when the important things, like potential clauses, are to be announced.) Rejoice. And all on top of this. What a day.

Under A Snowy White Top


Roma v Inter They couldn't be any more different, and yet spotlights will be hung from the Olimpico roof shining unproductively onto the sidelines below. On one side the hot young coach with a...

Hole In The Heart


Bookkeeping The game against Inter has been pushed sixish hours to 1500 local now to Sunday at 1500 due to the potential of fluffy white shit. Bring gloves and a SpongeBob sled. Seriously though -...

And Someone Shall Lead Them Through. Possibly.


Daniele Conti FC 4 - Roma 2 There's a lot to say about that game and what it says about Roma. None of it is a reflection of what everyone thought roughly two weeks ago. Game 93' Ibarbo's been...

The Second Time Around


Roma v Bologna Simply put? Now you can firmly judge Luis Enrique. The style has both had ample time to gel - and successfully so as indicated by results not against, well, nevermind - and opposing...

Halfway Incoming


The Loaner: Part Simon I'm going to do something rather ridiculous here. Quite ridiculous, really. This is rather easy to say since it's not my money - any millions I have in the bank are...

VotD: Roma's Lone Highlight


He didn't start it... ...but you can't really do that.

And The Slightly Pudgy-Faced One Shall Lead Them Through...


Juventus 2 - Roma 0 Simply put, Juve were and are better. The end. And (fortunately), I have to bolt. So I'll call it: Game 87' Juventus is doing other things now, none of them are beneficial to...

Of Eighty Minute Naps


Roma 5 - Cesena 1 Well, naptime then became playtime. Which typically - at least in my average day - then begets milk and cookies. Or do milk and cookies come before nap time? Is 'milk and...

Average Italian Goalkeeper Alert


Roma - Nananananananananan This shit about Roma games just sneaking up has got to stop. I know very little and am, currently and ashamedly, attune to even less. However, what I do know is this: I...

VotD: In A Nutshell


What Was, What Could've Been


Catania v Roma Signs are finally promising on a consistent basis - game to game, not quite yet half to half - and Luis finally looks to be wrapping his head around this whole "calcio business". O...

Lighting The Torch


Jesus & His Disciples 3 - Fiorentina 0 Can we all do something here? Even those whose hopes are so tightly wrapped up in a fear of disappointment have to admit that Erik Lamela is showing all the...

For The Love Of Fat Bottomed Brazilians


Roma 3 - Fiorentina 0 Poor first half, great second half. I could get used to this. And Fabio is happy, thus we're all happy. Game 92' Google Images has crushed them. 90' Dreams are building,...

VotD: Inspired


The clip which aired on the board in the pregame, and effectively so. However, it's no Pink Fluffy Unicorns, which is why both goals had to come from penalties.

Chievo: Jesus Juice Provided


Roma v Chievo Ridding ourselves of the obvious: Stefano Sorrentino is going to show up. He's going to bring his Jesus juice. And he's going to come with roughly 41 miracles tucked away neatly as...

Mumble The Theme Music Incoherently


This does not exist. This is not supposed to be here. Serious. Shortly after the Bologna match - hours, actually - this site was supposed to disappear. Poof - vanish. It...did not. Technical...

The Son of Man Indeed


Bologna 0 - Roma 2 Excellence, up and down. Game Three added. 87' Maaaarten finally being forced to earn his paycheck, now grabbing his shoulder. Always excellent for a keeper. 86' Mudingayi has...

VotD: In The Meantime...


Actual words yesterday: "The one benefit to this weekend is my return flight coincides with the Roma game, and they're likely to be humiliated." Reverse psychology - it works. (Watching,...

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