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Apparently "Int'l Break" Is Code For "Pandemonium"

pandemonium2.JPGGazzetta Has Opinion, Will Work For Food

To save me from regurgitating an already well-presented and informative paragraph, I'm cutting and pasting from Martha's post regarding La Gazzetta Dello Sport's suggestions for each team in next summer's transfer window (that's code for "this is me being lazy"):

The most eye-catching transfer on their list is probably Inter’s, because the people at La Gazzetta think they needs to spend €20-30 million this summer on one Alberto Aquilani, the mere mention of which is sure to send a small, highly insane section of the internet into a complete frenzy. Inter do, after all, need a midfielder, and apparently the paper thinks Aquilani is the best option available — talk about a complement for the poor, broken lad. I wonder if there’s an amount that would persuade Rosella to part with the golden boy. Would €30 million do it? What if they threw in Chivu, too? Ahem.

First of all, that bold text in the middle there? Referring somewhat to you guys. Mostly me, but also you. Go have at the scoundrel that worships at the throne of the Portuguese Judas.

Second of all, NO. Not that it's a serious suggestion which Massimo Moratti & Co. will heed (well....), but no. King Alberto will be staying in Rome for a very very long time, and that is all that needs to be said about that.

Then there was this, which would be immediately slapped away like Richard Simmons at an all you can eat buffet, except I've seen this name in the same sentence with Roma more than once or twice in the last week or so (more thieving from Martha):

"Roma, on the other hand, are said to need someone to add weight to their attack; who better than Rolando Bianchi, who’s struggling to make an impact at Italian-laden Manchester City and could return to Italy this winter for an alleged fee of €15-20 million?"

No legitimate rumors (wait, hold on a second...), but certainly a name that adds some spice to the mix. It's highly unfeasible for a few reasons, namely the pricetag - a direct result of Prem teams being, well, the most fiscally retarded teams in the history of sports not from New York (take one look at the Knicks & Yankees payrolls then get back to me) - and that whole Totti as striker thing.

I'm not sold on Bianchi yet. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm very wary of giving to much credit to young goalscorers who have had one big season without anything else (read: Fab Quags), at least until they become Roma targets, at which point they're Rome's second coming of Julius Caesar (read: Fab Quags). Now, Bianchi I'm willing to give thee benefit of the doubt to, because this was expected out of him eventually. Also, I'm willing to throw away this first half year, and maybe the whole thing. Young Italian who just found his striking boots + first year in the Prem = complete disaster. If he came flying out of the gates and tore England apart I would have been absolutely shocked. That said, get back to me next year.

What this does indicate, though, is that Roma needs to find somebody - anybody - who can put the ball in the back of the yet. January would be nice, but I suspect we'll have to wait until next summer, as last winter proved: mid-season isn't exactly the best time to introduce key components into the squad unless injury or complete suckitude dictate such. Be it Bianchi, Fred, Antonio Di Natale or anybody else luck enough to be the subject of a Spalletti man crush. And if I had my druthers it would be a kid who will take time to acclimate himself to the squad anyway, because TGIP doesn't like newbies as it is, and a firm seat on the pine would likely be of more use to a kiddie than a vet. Or...Or....OR.....OR....

amauri02g.jpgWhat? Huh? Are You @#$%in' Kidding Me?

“The two clubs are in talks,” Grimaldi revealed. “I hope that a deal is done as it would be a proud day for me and my client if he joined Roma.

Amauri can play first or second striker and he has a great relationship with Francesco Totti as they met during a spell at an injury clinic."

“They got to know each other well and Totti told him to come to Rome. Marcos Cafu has also told him how good the atmosphere is with the Magica.”

“I think it may need the addition of a player such as Mirko Vucinic, who would do well at Palermo,” he speculated.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Not only does Amauri seem like a fantasy, but the clubs are already in discussions to the point where he's asking old boys and current boys their thoughts on life as a Giallorosso. Now, it's abundantly clear that The Grand Imperial Poobah wants some fucking goals scored - and now. And it's also clear that either the formation is going to change or one of the two (he or Francesco) will be dropping back into Simone's position. Because Amauri is striker. Period. The end. Finito. So, the obvious thought for a formation change right now is that 3-2-3-2 for the simple reason that it is most similar to the current 4-2-3-1. There's also the possibility of a 4-3-3 with Amauri and Mancini flanking Francesco, which becomes more of a 4-3-1-2 when Il Capitano drops back and the two Brazilians fly past him. I need to stop and go take a cold shower here, the possibilities are endlessly scintillating.

Price? Who knows. Mirko would lessen the load, which, let me say this know, I'm all for in this case (love him, but Amauri? buh-bye), but it's still going to take a nice chunk of change as well. Whatever it is, though, he's worth it.

Amauri, to me, is on the verge of being one of the best strikers in the world, and is in the same position as Didier Drogba was before he made the jump from damn good to greatness a couple years ago with Chelsea. Watching this guy from a straight athletic perspective is awesome, the guy is just so technically and physically gifted (he's a total scouts guy - someone that has so many 'plus plus' attributes you'd think they just saw Sophia Loren nude circa 1950 when they come back from his games), and he's bound to continue his progress. The game against Palermo was example enough, here's what I said after the game:

"He just gets better and better every single time I see him. I’m glad Roma was able to get this game out of the way early, because I have a feeling he is going to tear through Serie A with little regard for the women and children."

And that's just the thing, he just keeps improving, as can often be the case with strong, physical strikers who peak a bit later. I'm not kidding when I say he is the next Drogba - and I'm not the only person who feels this way.

How feasible? I don't know. Milan is supposedly in the hunt, and they may have deep pocketbooks, but Mirko may very well be the deciding factor, because Zamparini, for all his craziness, wants his teams to succeed and flourish, and Mirko would help them do that after losing their best player.

Also, Amauri cannot seem to get a call up from Dunga for whatever reason, which would allow him fit in perfectly in Rome.

This guy is the difference between fighting for a place at the European big table and being handed an invitation. He is more than a game to game difference maker, he has the abilities to take this team to the next level.

Also, one more thing, I'd love to see Little David put in some balls towards Amauri. Everybody @#$%in' happy now?


Who do you believe? Gilmar Veloz...

“I have already had a conversation with [Roma chief] Rosella Sensi and that was enough for me to understand that the club want to keep hold of my client. She has also had words with the player himself where she confirmed that intention to him as well.”

“I have nothing to say against Roma,” he noted. “There are no problems at all and the club directors have comported themselves excellently in these months.”

...or Bronzettiballs...

"From what I can understand he wants to leave and earn more," said Bronzetti. "Where? If the route is abroad, then he'll go for €20-25 million."

"At Roma, they are so good that they will have already found a replacement."

I'm going with the former. Bronzettiballs has been pretty on target thus far, but that's when he has constant direct contact with either the player or his representation - which I doubt is the case here.

He's almost definitely staying, and that's all I have to say about that.

The Silly Season Just Won't End

Here's my thing, I'm not sure what Urby Emanuelson's saying:

"It doesn't surprise me that they have come in for me again.

"They did approach my agent Brian Berkleef in the summer and told him that they would offer Ajax eight million euros.

"That did not happen because (Ajax technical director) Martin van Geel had said that no-one could leave Ajax following the departures of Ryan Babel and Wesley Sneijder.

"Roma is a nice club, where I certainly would like to play."

Yeah yeah yeah, we know you'd like to play in Rome, get in line. What I'm wondering is if he's just saying this now when the interest was there this summer, or if the interest is still continuing.

I think this may be directly related to the guy above, Mancini, because nearly everyone says Urby does not belong at LB, and that his defensive shortcomings will send him to the wing eventually, just as Amantino made the switch from RB to RW. So, these two stories could be directly related, but otherwise I just don't see it being currently relevant. They don't need him, he'd be relatively pricey and they have bigger fish to fry (Amauri!).

Sounds like, "Hey, remember when you asked me out a couple months ago but I was grounded? I'd like to take you up on that offer."

"Sorry, I have a new boyfriend now."

"But, but, but..."


So phenom numero uno, who kinda sorta went off the radar for a year or so due to injuries, has taken offense to all this forgetting him business and is now shoving it down our throats, which we're all loving. Alessio Cerci scored goal number 5 this weekend for Pisa - all in the last 4 games - and looks to be answering those "Should Roma call him back?" questions with a firm, "Yes, dammit."

The goal, nothing too spectacular, but the kid finds himself space quite a bit and appears to make the most of it.

However, he's still a long way away from getting my thumbs up in regards to a call back. Because that's exactly what TGIP & Co. are waiting for - my thumbs up. season's first game including a front line of Amauri, Totti and Cerci..........

That's it, I can't take it anymore.