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5 Game Gauntlet Summation, Or: Stuff

6fbebf6a3b0c7162c2d3760b0f912982.jpegThe Calcio Gauntlet

Sept 19 Dynamo Kiev W 2-0
Sept 23 Juventus* D 2-2
Sept 26 @ Fiorentina D 2-2
Sept 30 Inter L 4-1
Oct 2 @ ManYoo
L 1-0

Overall? Not all that wonderful. It's still the first week of October, so it's certainly no time to foreshadow the final chapter of the campaign, but a few tweaks here and there are needed or this season could get highly frustrating.

Anyway, Liverpool lost to Marseille. Rangers thrashed Lyon. Celtic beat the reigning champs. Olympiakos beat Bremen. Real Madrid drew with a phallically challenged team of demented lepers. Big teams are losing also, so it's better to lose to ManYoo than, say, Dynamo or Sporting. Or Parma. (That's code for "must win")

* - I'm sure there will be a person or two saying "losing to Parma isn't the end of the world, they're not that bad." Even thinking like that is the end of the proverbial world. Roma can and should beat Parma, or else the first 5 weeks of the season meant squadoosh. Big teams don't lose to Parmas, or at least don't justify losing to Parmas pre-match. (yeah, this is me getting angry about something that hasn't even happened yet - I feel like someone slipped me some estrogen)

There are a few silver linings. Most notably that Roma certainly deserved more than the 5 total points (out of 15) they got. However, we're not exactly in the business of moral victories here, and in the end, it's all about execution. I mean, getting the girl back to your place is nice, but the moment you throw on Coldplay to set the mood she's going to start search for your rubber dildo and suggest a guy friend of hers who just got out of a tough relationship (presumably with Zach Braff) that you should "hang out with". Getting there is only half the battle, it's all about finishing the job.