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Roma-Cagliari Postponed Due To Death Of Lazio Fan

tmpphphnmkee.jpgDue to the death of Gabriele Sandri during a clash of ultras in Arezzo, the game between the Sardinians and Roma has been suspended indefinitely:

"in segno di solidarietà nei confronti della tifoseria laziale e di tutta la città di Roma colpita dal lutto per la scomparsa del tifoso Gabriele Sandri, fosse giusto chiedere il rinvio della partita in programma questa sera allo stadio Olimpico con il Cagliari".

E’ ufficaile. Roma-Cagliari è stata rinviata a data da destinarsi.

Apparently much of this was Rosella's idea, and I don't think we can do anything but commend her for deciding to show solidarity with Lazio and the city of Rome, as the game was being played in the city. Yes, I'd love to see Roma play today, but I suppose it's right.

Obviously a part of this has to due with the death of Filippo Raciti in Catania last year, and the ever-present tension between the tifosi and the police, which are sure to heat up with this latest development. What happened to Gabriele is still under investigation, but having the authorities claim this as a "tragic error" certainly sheds light onto what the eventual outcome of that investigation will be. Presumably this is much of what caused the uproar in Bergamo (whose ultras are BFF with Lazio's ultras), causing that game to be postponed, and was just as instrumental in the postponement of this game. And no, I do not believe this game being suspended and the Atalanta game being suspended are mutually exclusive.

(Courtesy of Gabriella)

To me, this suspension has little to do with football and everything to do with limiting the interactions between the police and mass groups of convened fans, notably the ultras. In the end, probably right. Unfortunately, time will most likely find that faults resides with the police, but most will label it as yet another black eye on Italian football, which it is not.

To escape from the off-the-field mess for a minute, the games that were played and finished today all had positive outcomes for the boys in yellow and red. Fiorentina finally lost to the deadly duo of Fab Quags and Antonio Di Natale, while Juventus only picked up a point at Parma, the same place that Roma left with a 3-0 victory not so long ago (add that to the Napoli loss...). So, even without playing a game this weekend Roma has seen positive advancements in the table. That is, if they can dispose of Cagliari properly, whenever that does happen.

Also, with half the team injured - yet some having to play - and a two week rest, for most, coming up, taking a weekend off may not be such a bad thing in the long run. This team's greatest need is to get healthy, and this will enable that. It gets two of Roma's best players, Francesco & Alberto, onto the field for the next match - never a bad thing.

Updating as info comes in...