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Video Of The Day: What Could Have Been


I’ll admit it, I loved Antonio Cassano. And at some point, all of you did too. It came in a package deal along with being a Roma fan. He was It. The Other Chosen One. He and Totti were a pair made in heaven, and supposed to lead this team to heights unseen. Then it all came crashing down and the love turned to anger, then disbelief, and now pity.

Antonio and Francesco were magic personified. A born duo. Jordan and Pippen, except it was more like Jordan and Jordan Jr Jr. I don’t know which is more of a reason to be mad about: The way he alienated the team and caused a massive rift which impacted the whole team or taking away the opportunity for us fans to watch Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci co-create a masterpiece before our very eyes.