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Video Of The Day: Super Marco

Super Marco

udrm_delvecchioesulta.jpgWhat does Roma need right now? A 3rd striker who would...

1. Have no issues coming out of the stands only in extreme emergency.
2. Provide great lockrroom chemistry.
3. Make a very small salary to basically practice with the team.
4. Could help tutor Mirko in the ways of striking.
5. Get on the other end of crosses.
6. Be a bigger body up top and in the box.
7. Finish.
8. Score a hat trick in the derby.
9. Has been training with the team for the last 5 months.

Let's see, out of all these, Super Marco is...

1. Check
2. Check
3. Check
4. Check
5. Check
6. Check
7. Check
8. Check
9. Check

What's the hold up? (I know I know)

So, if we can't relive the nostalgia realtime, this will have to do.