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bidoni41.jpgBidone D'Oro

Hey, more awards. This time The Golden Trash Can for the biggest flop of the campaign (you know, you'd think they'd have named it after Pippo or Gila by now). Of course it's a ridiculous list and award, basically it's the Razzies of the calcio awards, but it's all in good fun. The favorite to defend his title is Adriano, who hasn't even been on the field enough to flop because he's been back in Brazil laying on a couch talking about his feelings and drooling due to the massive amounts of psychotropics (and booze) running through his system.

A few of the Roma boys made the ultra short award list of 50: Mirko Vucinic, Matteo Ferrari and Mauro Esposito. Vucinic is a mystery, unless he was nominated for the Empoli game alone (at which point it's a silent sigh and nod). Matteo certainly has been far from prime but hasn't been a regular to say the least, while I'm still not sure Espo has played yet. (Of course if we're talking about all of 2007...)

But easily the best name on said list is none other than recent old boy Cristian Chivu. Karma, baby. Karma.

Other notable names:

Antonio Cassano - So sad.

Francesco Tavano
- Still my favorite commentary line of the last year: "Decidedly average."

Marco Amelia - I'll take Curci 8 days a week at the moment.

- He's too depressed to care.

David Suazo - A cool 15m well not spent. (I still think the only person in the world who could fuck up his career is Mancio, and I'm very thankful for that.)

(Vote for the award here...and y'all damn well better vote for Chivu.)

* - And what's with the award nomination lists all being 50 deep? Is that really necessary? Could nobody really decide between Tavano and Vucinic? And how does one get nominated for both defender of the year and garbage of the year?

Genoa, Let Me Know Ya

Alright, there was a post which said Totti, along with King Alberto & Taddei, is probably out for the Genoa game. Fast-forward roughly 6 hours and it looks like Francesco may at least the bench. You know what this means? I'm not doing injury stuff until at least 48 hours before gametime. That's what.

* - If he's only bench worthy, I highly doubt they risk him. I'm not expecting him to play. (I'm done, seriously.)

** - And he has a cough. Would somebody in Italy get some Robitussin to Trigoria fucking ASAP please.

The Rest:

I) So it appears it's not just the water in Pisa or the shirt. Alessio Cercigolgol just cannot stop scoring goals. This time in his debut with the Azzurrini, in their 5-0 thumping over Azerbaijan (the 3rd goal here). At this point, if possible, a nice little recall only to immediately loan him out to a struggling Serie A club would be splendid, but may not work out as well as planned. Best option is almost definitely still Serie B, but I'd really like to see what this kid can do going up against the big boys. (Shockingly, Azerbaijan's U-21 does not fall into that category.)

II) Genoa vice-prez Giambattista Pastorello is holding out hopes of taking on Ahmed Barusso in January (presumably on loan). This one's simple: If he's not going to play, why not? Central midfield is pretty much set with DDR, King Alberto, Little David and Brighi, so really - why not? He hadn't played above Serie B until this year and the experience might just do him a world of good. I say go for it. Ahmed was never a purchase for this year anyway. (Unless I'm terribly off base - doubtful.)

* - Then again, this is the same club that wanted to pick up Max Tonetto and Christian Panucci this summer. Who knows how cloudy their thinking is. I'm picturing a lineup of 3ft bongs in the offices.

And then there's this, in which Barusso basically says "I really really really wanna join Napoli." Seriously dude? What did you expect besides a firm seat on the pine for the first year after NEVER playing in top-flight football? Take a hint from Cesare Bovo. Leaving for a starting XI spot when you're too young ain't all it's cracked up to be.

(This is where we get ready for Barussogate.)

* - Of course, the huge difference is whether or not this is a loan, which isn't spelled out.

You know, speaking of Max, you can't help but love the guy:

“Sì, spero di rimanere alla Roma fino al 2011”

2011? When he'll be, what, 86? (Checking....yup, 86) I love that sort of enthusiasm from the geezers. Max is one person who will definitely be signed to a contract, and I won't have a care in the world if his contract runs up before it happens (next summer). He'll be here.

V) Doni is getting ready to sign an extension for 5 years.


Dear Christ...

VI) In news which is much better for my health, Matteo Brighi is on the verge of renewing until 2012. I love this move.

* - All those insane inbound rumors to come later this evening/tonight.