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Injuries: We're Going To Need Some Extra Beds

tmpphpg8ipaf.jpgNow Accepting Applications: Miracle Worker

Let's get this out of the way real quick, the probably lineup for Udinese, which is subject to change 7,000 times before the game on Sunday:

Cicinho, Panucci, Juan, Tonetto;
DDR, Pizarro;
Taddei, Giuly, Mancini;

Or Cassetti at RB. But I can't imagine Cicinho will be mayor of Happyhappyland if he's benched for 3 straight games. Well, unless you count his cameo coming on for Vucinic in the other Olympic stadium.

A wrap-up of the current injuries.

Il Capitano: Could very well be back a week from today for the makeup game against Cagliari with the assistance of a custom made boot to prohibit liberal movement of his ankle. Which basically translates to: they're getting a pair of Reebok Pumps, pumping them all the way up and slapping a set of studs on the bottom.


(Don't even act like you didn't have a pair.)

Unless Vucinic is out, only bring him back if he's 100% ready. Cagliari is decent, but Roma should take 3 ten times out of ten.

King Alberto: KA goes from being ready for the initial encounter with the Sardinians to Roma's chief injury non-fixer, Dr. Bozo, saying he's "hopeful" he'll be back before the Christmas break because he needs some "elasticity" (yeah, KA is tight). You know, if it wasn't for the nagging and lasting nature of those damn groin injuries I'd be pretty pissed......but in the end always better safe than sorry. Which is always the case with the general groin area.

DDR: I saw that he'd been hit with an injury during the game, but I didn't see how (my eyes were darting between the laptop and the ManU-Sporting game on the tube), and I totally missed that he was taken out by a studs up tackle from Little David. The guy plays what is easily his best game of the year and he STILL can't help but fuck it up. To paraphrase Dr. Bozo: "He is Daniele." Yes, he's going to play this weekend because that's what DDR does.

(Apparently he doesn't have the best of ankles though, a minor concern for the future.)

Simone Simone:
Something which comes as a complete surprise to absolutely no one: Simone's injury is/was long term. Makes sense seeing as he's missed all but what seems like 3 games so far this year. Won't play Sunday, and I'm full on board with somebody kidnapping both he and KA, locking them in a basement somewhere in the south of Italy and leaving them there until the winter break comes. There are some very cushy games coming up and losing one or both for an even longer period of time is a much greater risk than dropping 2 points to Livorno or Sampdoria. (Or, the Coppa match against Torino). Considering Dr. Brozzi (that's his real name, though Bozo seems to be more applicable lately) times a 5 minute egg with an hour glass, I suspect that will be exactly the case and we'll see them roundabout January.

No, this isn't a central midfield depth chart, though it certainly is starting to appear that way. Had a minor muscle problem prior to the game in Kyiv and little information (that I can find, anyway) on whether or not he'll be ready for Udinese. Doubt it will matter, as we're probably looking at Lulu behind Vucigol and Pizarro behind both in the lineup. More news leading up to the game.

Going in for another scan on Thursday, which will help determine quite a bit, but they're handling this with two pairs of kids gloves because the last thing he needs is a rerecurrence. If I had a gun to my head I'd say we're looking at a Panucci-Juan partnership on Sunday, and I'm fine with that.

Ferrari: Not hurt but suspended. This might turn out to be not such a bad thing, because Fab Quags and Antonio Di Natale could really make things ugly for Matteo. This also means they're holding open tryouts at Trigoria to find somebody, anybody better than Samuel Kuffour to be the 3rd CB on Sunday. I'm on the next plane.

* - In all seriousness, if Philou is still out and emergency dictates another central defender is need, guess who's filling in? DDR.

Marco Andreolli: