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Videos Of The Day: Top 10 Goals Of 06-07

Yeah, it's late, whatever. I'm going to rank my ten favorite goals of last year, in all competitions, for Roma. (We'll do the tops of the first half during the winter break.)

#10 - Simone v Parma

All about the quick-hitting build up leading to the easy sitter for Simone. Pure Roman attacking.

#9 - Phantastic Philou v Milan

Nothing like a cheeky half-laser, half-slurve from a centreback.

#8 - DDR v Fiorentina

Picture perfect form on the long range missile. I miss these.

#7 - Simone v Catania

Perrotta's one man show through, over and around the entire Catania defense.

#6 - Totti v Palermo

Totti and his killer dead ball skills. What a fricken swerve.

#5 - DDR v ManYoo

I know I know, but come on, it was a fantastic goal.

#4 Taddei v Cagliari

Bike it, baby.

* - In watching every single goal from last year, you know who was probably the most present creative playmaking force besides Totti? Rodrigo. The guy is indispensable.

#3 - Max, Alberto, Mancini & Totti v Milan

The Totti header against Milan. Great anticipation by Max to spike the ball to King Alberto, the rabona to Mancini and then the perfect cross to Totti's head. True team effort and beautiful workup. Vintage Roma. Love everything about it. I'd put it higher, but...

#2 - The Stepovers.

Ooh la la.

#1 - Totti v Sampdoria

When you've just scored the 4th goal of a game which was already in the bag and the fans for the home team give you a standing ovation, you've done something pretty fucking special. Hands down. And I love Spalletti's delayed reaction like he didn't realize what just happened.