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Those Dastardly Rumors

image009.jpgAlessandro Faiolhe Amantino Mancini

Most have already heard about this little nugget, that Mancini's nuck-futter of an agent, Gilmer Veloz, was up in Milan discussing a possible transfer with Massima Moratti. (In essence, he channeled his inner Becali.) And that Amantino is requesting €3.5m per annum before bonuses, while Inter and a few others (Bayern, Real and Liverpool) are willing to start at €4m per over a 4 year period. Numbers which Roma's cap can't absorb. Well, I'm taking the positive road. There have been zero quotes indicating anything but Mancini wants to stay and will be staying, especially if you ask the powers-that-be. Last summer, when Chivu was praying to the football gods that they would release him from the hell that is the best football team on the planet, TGIP said that he "hopes" he stays. Well, this is what Spal had to say about Mancini:

"As far as I am concerned, nobody is taking Mancini as long as I am at Roma.”

The end. To me, that goes well beyond your usual "he has a contract with until xxxx" or "nobody has approached us" or "he's not for sale". That says "no fucking way, period". And everything Mancini has said in recent times has done nothing but further give creed to this train of thought. Even the reports said that Veloz was trying to convince him to leave, but that Amantino wants to remain in Rome. What, an agent trying to get a bigger contract to gain a bigger cut? No! You don't say. Would I be altogether shocked if Veloz planted this story in the press as a little hint to both Rosella and Amantino that he can get big bucks elsewhere and to move accordingly? Absolutely not.

I have a little theory on this. Way back in October Mancini's contract was supposed to be done and dusted. That didn't happen. A couple weeks later there were near-silent whispers, nothing concrete, that DDR is getting ready to sign a very very long contract extension, which, almost unquestionably, will shatter the cap. He is, after all, the best midfielder in Serie A, will only improve, and already makes €1.75m per season. Therefore, my theory is this: Rosella & Co. would rather justify breaking the cap for a guy who will probably have the locker room at Trigoria named after him when his career is over (I'm assuming Trigoria will switch from being named after Fulvio Bernardini to Tottiland) break the cap rather than Mancini; and from a PR standpoint, for those that want to keep the cap, it makes the change more palatable (a little). After DDR signs we'll see soon after at least a solid extension attempt at Mancini, which will probably break the cap. Just a theory, may happen, may not, but it at least makes some sense.

I don't think, as reports have pegged, that he's on his way out. Yeah, he's a complete flake and this could change at the drop of a hat, but I think he stays around at least throughout the end of the year.

* - Forgot to mention, there's also a very good chance Veloz was up in Milan on other business which had nothing to do with Amantino, you know, because it's illegal and everything. (Not that that would ever stop Moratti.)

A Big Old Fuck You To Real Madrid

Yes, Mancini has been on their X-Mas list for a very long time, which is fine. If he gets sold, that is by far the first preference. And make sure to tell them he costs just as much as Pepe. But now they want Vucigol, whose contract details have been buried at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in a dossier including Jimmy Hoffa's whereabouts, the location of Atlantis, the Holy Grail, the reasoning behind Stonehenge and the identity of the third "gunman" on the Grassy Knoll (it was Lady Byrd, you heard it here first). Yes, he's still co-owned...kinda. Roma bought his entire contract, then sold half back to Lecce. Which means he's owned by Roma and Lecce...I guess. If any doctoral candidates would like to do their dissertation on "The ownage of Mirko Vucigol" we'd greatly appreciate it. Anyway, what this means is: Mirko likely can't be sold until at least after le buste. Afterwards? Probably not happening unless somebody offers Lecce an assload of cash, more of an assload than Roma will have to pay (possible). If everybody recalls, Mirko turned down a better paying deal with Milan and would only go one place after Lecce was relegated: Rome. I firmly believe he's here for a good while.

And Real Madrid want DDR reeeeeeeal bad.



Ferrari Wants To Be Paid Like A Ferrari Despite Driving Like A Toyota

Matteo is a very solid third choice CB, and I think most people are comfortable with that. He hasn't performed exceptionally well this year, and hasn't done anything to indicate he should be pushing for a spot in the first XI. Just don't tell his agent that:

“If Roma continue to consider Ferrari as a third-choice centre-back and offer less than we are currently demanding then there will never be a settlement, but Matteo wants to stay at the club.”

But...he is a third choice centerback.

I dunno, I said this way back in June: Matteo wants to be paid like a starter without being a starter. You know what that's a recipe for? Being shown the exit door. And I really can't blame them. (Hello, Olof Mellberg)

Duck, Incoming

Running down the list of rumors via the Skank Skale. If you're completely oblivious and suddenly feel the urge to close the tab, go here first for a full description. The SS Key:

Paris Hilton.:
The sure thing, deal imminent.
Lindsay Lohan.: The 95%, final details in the works.
Pussycat Dolls.: Very likely, things are heading towards Paris.
Fergie.: Looks alright, but don't touch it.
Mariah Carey.: All types of insane. Doesn't even look good.
Jessica Simpson.: The 50/50.
Jamie Murray.: Just below the 50/50, might happen, but most likely will not.
Elisha Cuthbert.: A tough sell, but the right offer could seal the deal.
Ali Larter.: Very unlikely now, but come back a little bit down the line.
Keira Knightley.: Almost impossible. Almost.
Jessica Alba.: Pure fantacalcio.

Marco Amelia GK (Livorno):
Is it really so far fetched to think Marco would do absolutely anything to get out of Tuscany and get in front of a world-class defense?

“I have never hidden my dream of being the Giallorossi’s No 1 and I would return there for free. Even if Alexander Doni renews his contract, I would go back there immediately and try and win a place. I always miss Rome as it is the city that I was born in and I grew up there.”

So is this the same Marco Amelia who was prostituting himself like a stripper the night before the rent is due to Lazio all of 6 months ago? (Or substitute half the clubs in Europe and overseas for Lazio.) I'm sure he does want to play here and that he does miss Rome, more accurately a decent club, but I'm sure half of that "walk to" part has to do with his current team. And regardless, despite Doni, I'm still holding out for Gianluca Curci. Yes, he needs some work, but I fully believe he is The Future. (Plus, Spinelli isn't letting MA go for anything less than wheelbarrows full of lira and at least co-ownership of Curci, which is a no.) SSR: Fergie

Olof Mellberg DF (Aston Villa):
Some British toiletpaper newspaper(s) appears to think the Giallorossi will agree to a deal for OM in the coming months. Milan & Juve are still sniffing around, but I'm beginning to wonder if Matteo Ferrari may become swap material in January if he can agree to a contract with the English and Olof with Roma, saving everybody the issue of beating out other teams. MF has played for Everton, though not with great success, and it's a place where he'd have a much better chance of starting than anywhere in the boot while making the type of money he's asking for. Food for thought. Anyway, I think Olof is a distinct possibility, and we'll be hearing his name often from now on. SSR: Jessica Simpson, working up to a Pussycat Doll

Jorge Andres Martinez FW (Catania):
24yo forward who came over from Uruguay just before the deadline and has been playing for Catania all of three months, scoring 5 goals in his first 13 Serie A games. I really don't know enough about him to accurately comment, but from what I've seen (youtube clips), he appears to be very good and very talented on a few fronts, noticeably running onto balls, dribbling through/around defenders and in the air, with a precise shot. Have to say, instantly this guy has made an impression on me, and usually you know what that means? €€€€€€€ + €€€. Thus, probably not feasible. Certainly a talent, though. A name to watch out for, but probably not happening if only because he'll cost a bundle. SSR: Elisha Cuthbert