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Totti: Birth of a Dynasty

"This trophy won’t be the last, but only the first of a long line that must follow."

As I read this quote I picture Totti standing in the center of the Colosseum, wearing his gladiator outfit as he looks around into the empty stands. In the background, an orchestra of angels is playing Vivaldi’s La Primavera, signaling the birth of a new empire in Italian football. As he finishes, he closes his eyes and raises his arms to the skies, soaking in the anticipated adulations of the legions of Giallorossi faithful.

It’s either that or Detective Horatio Caine taking a twelve minute pause between every 2-3 words, smoothly putting his sunglasses on his half-cocked head.

Either way, Nostradamus would be proud.

My Roman fanaticism aside, they are building something pretty special in Italy’s capital. Il capitone has it right, they are primed for a spectacular run at any and all trophies they can get their hands on. Totti is, quite simply, the the most valuable player in Serie A. Mexes, Chivu, Mancini, Pizarro, Perrotta and Doni are either entering or in their primes. De Rossi, Vucinic, Okaka Chuka(future name of my first-born) and Aquilani are still very young and all very gifted. Totti won’t play forever and it seems the future is now.

Though biased I’m not delusional. If Roma wants to have a chance of carrying home the CL trophy they need a striker to pair up with Totti(either Vucinic needs to step up or they need to look for a big transfer), and they need a world class left winger so Mancini can return to his natural right side. If they can fill one or both of these positions(I’m not sure about a left winger but I expect a big name striker - ala Suazo, Iaquinta) their waves of attack will be extraordinarily difficult to stop.

I’m giddy. Forza Roma.

* - A big congrats to Doni, who just received his first call up into the Selecao for friendlies this June. It's no small achievement to make it into the Brazilian national squad and is much deserved after the season he has had. Good news for Roma as well. Goalies can never have too much work as far as I’m concerned.