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Suazo: Roma, Come and Get Me

507854336_c44df78968_m.jpgI nearly fell out of bed this morning when I saw this headline: Suazo Snubs Inter Move. Then, I read the article. I need a defibrillator.

Suazo: "Roma? I would come running. Playing alongside Totti would be the crowning of a dream and Spalletti's tactics are perfect for me."

Cagliari Prez: "Inter? I would be happy if he wore the Giallorossi's shirt."

David Suazo has everything the prototypical striker requires: Strength, a powerful right foot, the ability to beat any and all defenders and speed for days and days. As for the likely-hood of a move? Roma and Inter were the two rumored favorite, until now. Suazo makes 600,000 euros a year. Roma could easily quadruple that. The big boys who have tried to pry him away from Cagliari in the past (namely: Real Madrid, Juventus, Milan, Inter and Manchester United) have received some bad news, the price tag. Massimo Cellino has stated in the past that they want 30 million euros. Way way out of Roma’s range, but expect Cagliari to accept an agreement closer to 12-15 million euros to accommodate Suazo's desires and a realistic deal. Even if there is a supposed transfer budget of 15-20 million euros, David Suazo is worth every penny. He is the type of player that you break the bank for, a la Gabriel Batistuta.

From a footballing perspective, can you imagine how many goals Suazo would score with Totti, Perotta, Taddei and Mancini assisting him? 25 goals is not an unrealistic benchmark. Suazo is a perfect fit for Spalletti's run-and-gun-all-out-assault system. The formation would likely switch to a 3-2-3-2 that Roma has played sporadically this year with Totti and Suazo forming the lethal front duo. Totti would be able to play a little bit behind David and drop passes over the defense for him to run onto during the counter-attack. When Roma are in control, the 1-2 passing would be hard to stop and it is nigh impossible for defenses to prevent Suazo from creating space. Ask Phillippe Mexes.

After having almost single-handedly sustained Cagliari for years, it’s time for him to truly fulfill his huge potential. If he and Juan (he has stated in Brazilian papers he has already agreed to a contract) are the only players Roma take in this summer, then they have improved tenfold. They would certainly be Scudetto contenders next year and Suazo a front-runner for the Capocannoniere.

Make it happen. Please, make it happen. Suazo wants it. Cagliari wants it. Roma has to want it. I want it. What's the hold up? In fact, if he signs, I will personally piggyback David from the south of Sardinia across the Mediterranean all the way to Rome.

* - I have been in the midst of writing a multiple-part summer preview of likely departures and arrivals. At the end I listed the five players I want most in the eternal city. Number one: David Suazo. I’m like a kid on Christmas.