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Moderately Exciting Transfer News

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bong-1.jpgIt's going to be a slow day on the Italian transfer rumor front. But there were a few minor announcements. Reports stated Rosella Sensi (easily the sexiest club owner in Italia not named Berlusconi) has agreed to double the proposed transfer budget to a ceiling of about 30 million euros. This is absolutely massive for Roma(I still need to find more details). Here are the Romans involved:

1. Francesco Tavano has been told to pack his bags. Roma were moderately interested for about 12 minutes after he arrived on loan from Valencia but quickly realized that he isn't really that good("Decidedly average," according to FSC commentators. Line of the season, hands down.). Oh, and Valencia wanted 10 million euros to buy him outright. No, you read that correctly. 10 Million. I'm not even sure he's worth 10 million yen. Apparently the Valencia hierarchy have been hitting the peace pipe on a regular basis.

2. Christian Chivu has stated for the umpteenth time that he does not want to leave Rome and that, in fact, he wants an extension. My favorite person of the day is Chivu's agent, Andrea Pretti, who stated, "The media should be more careful and professional when doing their job." Eat it, Italian media. I'm assuming the majority of that statement was directed at Tuttosport. However, Pretti(Could you imagine growing up with that name in the US?) is a little delusional, as he wants integrity from the media of the country that created the paparazzi. The chances of that are the same of the chances of Chivu leaving, not happening.

3. Enzo Maresca, a personal favorite, has stated that he wants to remain in Spain for at least the next two years. If not, he wants a move to the capital city. The chances of this are slim to none at the present time, but I would certainly welcome Maresca anytime in the future. Each time I've seen Maresca this season (a grand total of 3), he seems to be playing more of a withdrawn forward role directly behind the strikers. I also saw him score a stunner from the top of the box that reminds of that Zidane left footed swinger(not to ruin it but it's very very high on this list). Loved him at Juve and Fiorentina, he'll probably enjoy Champions League football in Spain for a couple years before coming home.

4. Tuttosport report that Juve have offered Trezeguet for Chivu. Now, Trezeguet has the one thing that I really like in a striker. No matter how it gets done, the guy just knows how to put the ball in the back of the net. Unless he moves to Serie B. After the last year they really think Trez is worth Chivu? Apparently the Juventus and Valencia front offices have been hanging out together. By tomorrow they'll probably offer Giannichedda for a pepperoni pizza and a bag of Cheetos.

Hey Juve, Wake the @#$% Up!

You know what, I'm going to make that a regular post at the Roma offside. Whenever Juventus does something stupid, I'm going to report on it. Here's to my first regular column at the offside.

5. Il Romanista have reported Roma, along with everyone else in Europe, are interested in Fabio Quagliarella. Sampdoria want a minimum of 16 million euros. Check and mate. Although a co-ownership deal could be worked out, 8 million for half seems a bit much. I'm not sold on him anyway. I would rather see him stretch out this year's form for a couple years before handing over beaucoup bucks.

6. As for yesterday's rumor about Roma wanting Gourcuff, I forgot to mention it was on a one year loan deal. It doesn't matter, Milan probably will want to keep him around. I don't want him on a loan either, he still looks like he wears makeup. That's not gonna fly in the city of gladiators. I want tattoos and earrings and scars, not some guy who probably carries around a Hello Kitty purse. I don't care who he takes home at night but the team needs someone who at least appears to play the part of a Roman.

* - True story, I've seen a guy carrying one of those things. Kudos to him for being that confident.