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A Quick Memo to Barcelona

I just want to post a quick response to this utter piece of garbage.

I must have missed it because even Italian media wouldn't stoop so low as to print such complete nonsense.

Daniele De Rossi is not for sale. He has never been for sale. He will never be for sale. He is a Giallorossi player for life and will be remembered as a legend for the remainder of his days and beyond. That is something you cannot buy with any amount of money. He is quite simply: priceless.

What was your wildest dream as a child? Would you give anything to have it? Would a couple million euros make you throw it away? Daniele De Rossi is living his childhood dream. He was born in Rome. He grew up a Giallorossi faithful and remains to this day a Giallorossi faithful. His father was a Giallorossi player and the youth-team coach. It's in his blood. He and Totti are the backbone and life of this team. The heartbeat of AS Roma goes as the heartbeats of Daniele and Francesco go.

No amount of money could pry Daniele away from The Eternal City. You sell your soul to the devil as a club to keep him around.

Got it, Barca? While you're at it, please forward this to Ferguson.

* - Despite my constant references to Totti, Daniele De Rossi is my favorite person walking this earth. My heart would give out if he ever left Roma.