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Inter: New Graduates of the Juventus School of Valuation

homer_simpson-1.jpgA few nuggets for today:

1. The front page of Il Romanista reports this morning of an offer from Internazionale. Nothing new, they have always coveted Roma players. What's new here is the offer. And take to heart Il Romanista is the newspaper of AS Roma, they are incredibly reliable due to their relationship with the club. Take a look at this offer:

Roma give:
Christian Chivu

Inter give:
Walter Samuel
Fabio Grosso
The remaining half-ownership of David Pizarro
Up to 10 million euros

That's it. Two world class players for bit parts. Now I like Samuel and Grosso and they are two of my top choices to come to Rome in the near future, and I respect the positive impact Pizarro brings to the team, but they just don't have remotely the same value for various reasons. A couple years ago Samuel and Chivu would have been an even swap, even tipped towards The Wall, but not now. By value?

Chivu: Roma wants more than the 21 million euros they paid for him a few years ago. He's improved so it's hard to blame them.
Mancini: An absolute minimum of 15 million euros and more than likely over 20 mil.

Pizarro's half: 6 million euros tops, likely closer to 4 mil.
Grosso: 5.5 million euros, the same Inter paid last summer and he hasn't done much to change that.
Samuel: 3 years ago Roma sold Samuel for 25 million euros to Real Madrid. A year later he was sold for 16 million to Inter and now occupies a firm place on the pine. 8 million tops. How the mighty have fallen.

In actuality Roma could probably get 45 million or more out of the pair and Inter's trio are likely worth closer to 16 mil. Who does Inter think they are?

2. There was a report that Fabio Quagliarella stated he could play on the left wing if he was to come to Rome, and the chances of that are rising considerably. Judging by his ability to shoot/place the ball from distance he could thrive on the wing. I'm starting to come around on Fabio, his touch on shots is Totti-esque and has a never say die attitude around the ball but it worries me that most of his goals are spectacular displays. A guy who puts away common chances like Iaquinta is more desirable. At 23 years of age, 16 million euros for 13 goals from a player whose previous Serie A high was 3, I would want a little more return on my money. I wonder what Mirko's price would have been after his 19 goal season at 21 years. 20-25 million? Hopefully Rosina comes to the capital and renders my reservations moot.

3. Rosella Sensi has stated that negotiations with Chivu will begin today and that she expects them to come to terms. Good news, she very rarely says anything regarding this aspect of the club.

4. In case you missed it, Franco Semioli has signed with Fiorentina for a bargain of just under 5 million euros. I guess that means Roma's out of the running. But this is Italy. Who knows.

Update: I'm glad I left that open. Chievo's director Giovanni Sartori has just stated that no sale involving Semioli has been completed, or even discussed. Apparently the misunderstanding resulted from this: "The reports about Fiorentina are all due to a misunderstanding. [Viola sporting director] Pantaleo Corvino called me to wish us good luck next season and that is when the rumours about Semioli’s sale started."

Huh? Who screwed that one up? I guess Fiorentina mistook 'Good Luck' for 'You can have Semioli.' Sounds about the same.

I love Italian football.

5. has reported Roma are after Lille's Kader Keita. I think they got this wrong. They said Roma and LOSC were discussing a 10 million euro deal when Keita has been talked of with a price tag at least double that. Me thinks it's Bodmer at 10 million. Don't get me wrong, Keita would be great but at 20-plus? No thanks. Bodmer all day every day.

6. Liverpool is sniffing around Mancini. Doubt it will happen, Mancini isn't likely to move and there's no way Inter will be outspent. They've wanted him for too long and they have chips that Roma value.