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Return Of The Azzurri

Tomorrow is the massive Italia - Faroe Islands derby, so here's a little video to get everyone back in an Azzurri mood. While you're at it, check out Inzaghi's goal at the 1:53 mark. Notice how wide open Barone is to the right and how Cech came within inches of getting the ball. Chooch. And my vote for best celebration of all time goes to Grosso for his goal against Germany. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so happy to score a goal in my life, and justifiably so.

If you click anywhere on the video it will take you to the dailymotion site for this video. Below the video is a flagged warning: This video may offend!

Dailymotion is a French site.

Suck it up, pansies.

Quick trivia: Who led the World Champs in scoring last summer?

Answer: Luca Toni & Marco Materazzi (2)

I'll admit it, I completely forgot he scored the first goal against the Czechs. What were the odds of The Matrix winning that honor pre-World Cup? 100,000-1? 1,000,000-1? 999,999,999,999-1? I vote for the latter. Really wish I had bet on that.

I miss the World Cup. Can't wait for South Africa.

Sorry, but I can't get into Euro 2008 if the incumbents are Greece. It's like going car hunting, falling in love with a luxury car and then seeing the kid from the mail room pull up in one the next day. Really loses its allure, ya know?