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Chivu Not Headed To Inter: Retracted

il Romanista have retracted their initial story about a done deal with Christian Chivu to Inter and replaced it with one saying that David Pizarro may come to Roma for 6.5m euros, and only after that would Chivu be discussed. At which point his price would be an absolute minimum of 14m euros (which would essentially make it 7.5m + Pizarro - that's awful). At this point it's getting likely Chivu is on the out, but if Roma has any collective brain whatsoever (I'm not sure they do) - they will wait for Real and Barcelona to join the fray. If, and it's a big if, the offer from Barca of 18m plus Belletti and Sylvinho was legit, then Inter have very little chance of getting Chivu for 14m. A lot will be sorted out tomorrow, but I'm getting very worried Roma will go and do something very stupid, because that's what they do.

By the way, is there anyone in their right mind who can honestly justify that Pizarro is worth 13m euros? Even more than Rosina or Iaquinta? Anyone?

I really hope it goes to envelopes, as it doesn't look like a done deal right now, and Inter wins the bidding and pays Roma for the other half of Pizarro. This is the guy who was dying to play for inter and spend his career there. 13m? Come on. Not even Jean-Michel Aulas could get that much for Pizarro. Chew on that.

More coming.......

This was poor poor business on the part of Rosella Sensi and Daniele Prade, if it is in fact true. Number one, they sent him to a Serie A rival. Number two, they only waited two days after the end of La Liga, before the Spanish could figure things out and throw themselves fully behind the mercato. Number three, they let David Pizarro dictate Chivu's sale - which means they bent over for Moratti. Number four, Alberto Aquilani will probably beat out Pizarro for the starting spot by the end of the year. Can Roma recoup that 12m for Pizarro? Almost definitely not. He cost 8m from Udinese, spent most of a year on the bench with Inter and was then sold for 12m to Roma. Awesome business. He's worth about 5-6m total - if that.

Horrible horrible business by Roma. Unfortunately, this is what we've come to expect.

Unless, unless.....this 12m is also the exact same amount that Fab Quag's is now valued by Sampdoria (after they supposedly bought Udinese's half for 6m earlier today). Could that be the reason for the deal all of a sudden? I really hope these two are directly related. If not I'm going to be very very depressed.