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The Great Hair Debate: Edgar Davids v Loco

You can still vote for the previous matchups here.

5. Edgar Davids CM Ajax


12. Loco RB Primeiro Agosto


The man who sets the bar for all others in terms of braids, he has been a hair legend since his first stint with Ajax. The length has varied, but the actual braids always remain the perfect diameter and tightness, as to eliminate unsightly braid-frizz. Either in a ponytail or when he decides to let his hair out, there are few who approach the status of Edgar Davids. So fresh and so clean....





Whoever loco hired as his style consultant needs to be fired yesterday. If you can come up with a name for whatever he has going on in the front of his head, then you are a better man than I. My best guess would be pubimus maximus......



Kudos to loco for a) the name, and b) having the balls to pull that off. But that's still not enough for me to condone this type of behavior. D-.

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