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The Great Hair Debate: Jose Luis Perlaza v Yao Aziawonou

4. Jose Luis Perlaza DF Centro Deportivo Olmedo


13. Yao Aziawonou MF BSC Young Boys


A true battle of unknowns. Perlaza may have caught a few eyes in Germany as a part of the Ecuador squad. A dark horse in this contest, he is about to take the hair world by storm. Quite possibly the greatest combo-cut you will ever see.......




What's more phenomenal is the fact that he allowed himself to be photographed more than once with this 'do. Loco in the front, Ronaldinho in the back and shaved everywhere else. I vote that anytime anyone loses a bet in the future they are required to get this haircut. Hey, I just solved gambling addiction. Do I get a prize or something?


Certainly one of the more colorful of he group, Aziawonou gets big points for showing his national pride. But let's not kid ourselves here, he's a 13 seed because it's going to take a sizable upset to take out JLP.



I'm actually a fan, because the guy can actually pull it off. But I'm pretty sure half the kids in my junior high class had the same without the beads.

Voting down below.......