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The Great Hair Debate: David Beckham v Ronaldo (The Real One)

6. David Beckham RW Real Madrid/LA Galaxy


11. Ronaldo ST Milan

The Battle of ex-Galacticos


Quite frankly, there were too many hairstyles to pick from for David Beckham. I tried to get quite a few, but one can only look at so many pictures of a man that much prettier than he. A man can only go so far. Becks has certainly experimented with his fair share of styles, and has only fallen on his face a couple times. The man is an icon of style, and it is quite evident when it comes to his latest 'do. However, some asked why Beckham was such a low seed. To which I responded, what have you done for me lately, David? What have you done for me lately?



David Beckham (39)


_40060397_becks1(Oh yeah, that's him. Blonde my ass.)


Exactly, I would put him higher, but the peroxide blonde has got to go. You're better than that David.


It was the style that sparked a hairstyling fad, much to the chagrin of parents across the globe. Ladies and gentleman, The Ronaldo..............



I'm pretty sure he lost a bet, it's the only explanation.

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