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The Great Hair Debate: Fernando Torres v Cristian Lara

3. Fernando Torres ST Atletico Madrid


14. Cristian Lara AM LDU Quito


The kid has been a phenom since his mid-teens, and though his game has plateaued, his hair-styling has not. He obviously emulates some of the greats, including David Beckham, but has managed to carve out his own niche with some over-the-top fashion - including one of my favorites hairdo pictures of all time, the shaved mullet. He's so young it's hard not to think of him as a hairstyling legend in the wings.......

fernando-torres (Notice the shaved eyebrow line, the man's fashion sense extends beyond the cranium)

1. HCFernandoTorres_me_e28699_4734554



I say in 8-10 years this award is his to lose. He's headed for the Pantheon of Greats.


One of the guys who sticks out in my mind from WC 2006. He's that pint-sized guy who came on as a substitute for Ecuador and just ran wild all over defenses. Maybe it's because he's an alien? Doesn't he remind of ET? As for the hair, there's nothing like a shaved side and mop on top. It's a classic.



It's going to take a serious upset to be FT, but Lara has some understated South American ridiculousness.

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