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The Great Hair Debate: Abel Xavier v Patrick Owomoyela

7. Abel Xavier DF LA Galaxy


10. Patrick Owomoyela RB Werder Bremen


Abel has sported that bleached 'do for just about every team in Europe. He's had a couple variations on it, but everyone knows where AX is on the field at all times. I'm actually not sure why I gave him a 7 seed, seems a bit high for a guy who has failed to really approach his potential. His ridiculous factor should be much much higher, but the braided hawk earns my utmost respect......





The fade is a classic, as well as the 'I just licked an electrical outlet' look. But thank the heavens that he decided to do away with that mop from the earlier days. Well played, Abel. Well played.


The Willow Tree. Simple but effective. Plenty of players have short dreadlocks, but his ability to keep them afloat is a gift. A very underrated 'do.....



I think there could be an upset brewing here...

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