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The Great Hair Debate: Gennaro Gattuso v Lucho Gonzalez

2. Gennaro Gattuso CM Milan


15. Luis ‘Lucho’ Gonzalez CM FC Porto


I was very very tempted to make him a one seed due to just one exceedingly awesome picture, but the man has had a career of quality hair styling. The long dark manes fit him to the tee, but it's one moment in history for Rino....


gattuso8 Another in the Mexes category of great hair comebacks....

tn_25 Gattuso

The above picture is the sole reason why Gattuso is a 2 seed. With the overwhelmingly large torso, the peering eyes and the John Stockton short shorts, he just screams "I am Rino, hear me roar." He doesn't belong on the pitch, he belongs on the cover of one of those cheesy grocery store romance novels.


This is a somewhat surprise inclusion, but he was one of the first names that popped into my head when I started with the contest. I was looking forward to watching him play against CSKA London in the CL (love his game) until I noticed he was sporting a rat tail. And it was bad, not Rodrigo Palacio bad, but still bad. Then I remembered his uefa picture, and a star was born. By the way, anybody else notice how half the profile pics on have guys who look like they're about 25 pounds overweight? Do they just stalk these guys and get their official pics when they get off the plane returning from vacation? As for his hair, I have no idea what the hell he was going for, but it's a shaved mullet supreme.



I did my best to find a pic of the rat tail and the above was the best I could do. It's like finding UFO pics: they're few and far between and the ones that are there are grainy and questionable in legitimacy. But trust me, it's there.

The GHD will continue on Monday.

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