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A Public Apology to Fabio Quagliarella & Transfer Nuggets

534056304_431fdd255b_m.jpgAfter yesterday's performance in Lithuania, I tip my hat to Fabio Quagliarella and offer my apologies. I offer my apology not for insulting his qualities as a player, I never said he wasn't a class player, but for saying he isn't worth his 16m pricetag. Unfortunately, that fee has likely shot upwards over night. The two goals he scored last night (1 & 2) were nothing short of stellar. The fact that both were scored a) from distance, b) with pace and placement and c) with two different feet, proves his worth and versatility (he would make a stellar winger in the Spalletti system). Oh, and it was his first start in the Azzurri shirt. So, I'd like to take this chance to apologize to Fabio for thinking he wasn't worth that price. He is.

As for the Roma situation, apparently the clubs haven't spoken in a few days but that is more likely due to Chivugate (and maybe Suazo?) than a lack of interest from the Giallorossi. The new development regards Vincenzo Montella, who is supposedly coveted by Sampdoria, half-owners of Mr. Quagliarella. The Sampdoria hierarchy spoke of interest and said they would be approaching Roma regarding l'Aeroplano, and even expressed optimism despite Montella's albatross of a contract. Apparently, for them, the cash is not a problem and they expect something could be worked out. Anybody else smell a swap deal in the offing? A Montella, loan of Curci + 5m or so to gain half of Fabio's contract? Sampdoria have taken a liking to Curci, though who in Serie A hasn't (and don't say Juventus because they're still officially in Serie B). Quagliarella has expressed desire to come to Rome and hopes that something can be worked out. Quagliarella wants to be here, we want him here. There's nothing like people helping people. Make it happen.

* And Quag's did the Montella l'Aeroplano (up top) celebration following the second goal. Does he know something we don't?

Also, on the front page of il Romanista there is a poll asking if, after last night, Roma should break the bank for Quag's. 67% said no. Not sure what that means but it's surprising.

Other news:

a) Juan has been offered a contract by Sevilla topping the Roma offer and he's going to look it over. Not much more to do about this one but to just let it run its course.
b) There's something on the front page of Il Romanista regarding Bolo Zenden. I refuse to read such useless crap.
c) Aldo Spinelli regarding one Samuel Kuffour:

"Sami Kuffour was a terrible signing. He is still a good player, but motivation is crucial and he really had none with us."

Tell us how you really feel, Aldo. The bad news: Samuel might be coming back from loan. Just maybe. The good news: He won't be unpacking. Besiktas are in the hunt, the sooner the better. We hardly knew ye, Samuel. Now don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
d) I wasn't able to see the game due to computer issues, but I keep reading everywhere how many scoring chances Antonio Di Natale missed. I feel somewhat justified for my completely Anti-Antonio stance. The guy is simply not that good, he's decent at best. And no, I have nothing against him personally. He seems like a good guy, just really overrated.
e) I'm ready for The Ciprian Marica Era to begin, and rumors imply that it will be almost momentarily. There is a report regarding his wages at Shaktar Donetsk, 1.2m euros per, and that Roma have agreed to a contract with Marica. No word on whether they're the same but something in the same range is not a problem for Roma, but I'm still waiting for the other pricetag. Considering Marica has improved substantially since his days in Romania and Shaktar paid 5m for his services, one would have to assume the price would rise. I can't confirm this because I don't speak Romanian, nor can I find anything on the net that translates Romanian adequately, but there is a headline from today's paper somewhere in Romania with Marica, Roma and 8 million euros somewhere in the headline. I'm not sure of the validity yet so I'm not going to hold it in much regard. I knew Marica is a stud prospect but I didn't realize he's supposedly that good (that would imply that, at 21, he's as valuable as Vincenzo Iaquinta - damn). And we all know Roma isn't frivolous, so this is very promising.

One of the seemingly easiest ways to form a relationship with a club recently has become the Champions League group stage. A lot of the smaller clubs seem to send their younger prospects to bigger clubs they've played in the CL over the past few years. I know, playing against a prospect is the easiest way to judge their ability, but it seems to happen often now, especially from countries who don't boast a "Big 5" league. Marica is a perfect example, Roma had glowing praise for him after the two game's against Shaktar last fall. So let's hope Roma draws CSKA Moscow next year in the CL group stage and the Russians start sending that Brazilian talent to the Italian chapter of the Selecao. That and I can read Russian and all this Romanian is fucking killing me.
f) Thanks to Inara for the news that Julian Faubert has reportedly agreed to a Roman contract and the only holdup is fee negotiations with Bordeaux. One article says Bordeaux wants 8m euro, another say 10m. The initial report suggested 7m but if the difference is only 1-3m, and Faubert has already agreed terms, it looks to be only a matter of time before he joins the Roman ranks.
g) Roma are also interested in Michaël Chrétien and Francois Clerc, both ply their trade in Ligue 1 (also from my head French scout, Inara). I have to say, I've expected the Clerc rumors for some time. It's no secret Roma are after a young RB to replace Panucci/Cassetti and Clerc is one of the more talented RB's in Europe under-25. I don't know much about Chrétien, other than a report stating AS Nancy wants to keep him one more year. There isn't much depth to either rumor, so if more follows, I'll send it your way.
h) And thanks to Bashar for pointing out that I'm a moron, I neglected to read the full il Romanista(I just realized I've been capitalizing the I in il, stupid American habit - apologies to the paper) article regarding Chivu and I missed 3 names Roma have are linked to. Also, thanks for giving me more Romanian to read. I thought that a couple weeks ago, that I need more Romanian websites in my life. Razvan Rat, Stefan Radu & Gabriel Sebastian Tamas are also on the Roman's minds as of now. Rat is a Romanian left back (never seen one of those before) who also plays for Shaktar Donetsk and likes to attack on the wings and put in crosses from what I can tell. Radu is another Romanian CB/LB who I don't know much of yet. As for Tamas, his level of competition is slightly better, he plays in La Liga for Celta Vigo but he is once again a Romanian defender. Very tall and athletic, he is supposedly a big asset on aerial balls. How any of this plays out remains to be seen. But it looks like they'd choose one of the three. More info when it comes.

How do you think Chivu feels about this? He's about to leave and Roma are scouring the countrysides of Romania looking for a Romanian defender to slot into his place, as though he would be easily replaced by one of them. Yeah, that Chivu, just a typical Romanian defender. They grow on trees.

Oh, and Rat's girlfriend is quite the looker. He's my choice, because, he's, uhhhh, good. I think. This is why they pay me the big bucks, to give you links of hot, obscure Romanian supermodels.

And could one of the ladies in the crowd tell me how the hell he pulled that one off? He looks exactly like his surname.

i) As for the Camoranesi thing, I'm not going to say anything until something more concrete appears because of this:

"The difference between the financial offer and what we are asking for is significant," added the Argentine-born player’s representative.

If Juventus can't/won't pay him the money he's asking for then what makes anyone think Roma could afford it or would be willing to shell out the bank? Ask Chivu how that one will turn out.

I'm exhausted. More later probably.