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Hell Hath No Fury...

(^^^^^ I love that woman.)

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served To Moratti & Lotito:

We all know Rosella Sensi and Daniele Prade haven't exactly been buddy-buddy with Massima Moratti over the last few weeks, and she's never been Claudio Lotito's biggest fan - but who has (oh, wait, Martha - figures). Apparently now Roma is looking to take it to the next level: revenge. A few places are reporting that Roma is now after Luis Jimenez, who spent last year on loan at Lazio. It would be a major coup, but how realistic it is is a whole different matter. From what I can tell, he's only on loan at Lazio, and they only have an option to buy him for 10m euros. The loan was supposed to last from this January through next season, at which point Lazio had to make a decision. His club of ownership, Ternana, is currently in Serie C1 and probably won't be getting him back anytime soon. However, he got all upset and pulled a Chivu and said that he wanted to move to Inter instead of playing for Lazio next year. Nice to see Lazio are having their own problems with Moratti. It's a confusing situation, and if I remember correctly, there was some consideration in terminating his loan deal early.

How Roma plays into this confuses me, even more so than the Valeri Bojinov rumors from yesterday. He a big talent, his nickname is 'El Maga' (The Wizard), so he'd fit right in with the whole magical theme at Roma, but he's sort of alienated himself from two clubs already - not unlike Bojinov. I will say though that the alienation from Ternana seemed to be more the club's ridiculous asking price moreso than his own demands (did I just defend a Laziale? Somebody take me out back Old Yeller style, the time has come). Also, he's a Chilean playmaker, and isn't one enough already? Can you even imagine what I'd do with TWO Chilean playmakers on the team? I don't even want to think about this. Also, I think Roma should consider entering the next Copa America. Screw UEFA, it's all about CONCACAF, baby.

There is one big bonus. Where would he fit into the team? Everywhere. He could pair up with Mancini on the wings, as well as fill in for Perrotta or even up top. I also don't doubt he could be asked to drop back in case of extreme emergency. Like if Pizarro's leg fell of and De Rossi and Ahmed Barusso were both out on reds for tag-teaming against Chivu - while he was playing for Roma. The interest may just be Roma trying to fuck over Lazio and Inter simultaneously (hip-hip-hooray!), but they don't exactly have scrilla to throw away - so if it's true, Spalletti must really see something in this kid. He does love his Chilean playmakers. But I'm pretty sure I want absolutely nothing to do with anyone who tries to force a transfer to Inter, even if his current club is Lazio.

Honestly, this would strike me as purely media speculation if he wasn't suited for Spalletti's system in multiple positions as well as having the chance to fuck over both Lazio and Inter. Maybe Little David just needs a playmate for the playground? Who knows. His transfer is going to be fairly pricey to begin with and they'll still have to compete with those ridiculous salary packets being handed out in Milan these days. Then there's that whole Lazio loan deal situation, but I have read he may be released from his Lazio obligations. Just sounds like an Antonio Cassano, Emerson and Chivu situation waiting to happen. No thank you.

Now, we all know Rosella isn't the second coming of Marie Curie, and I'd bet a fair amount of money she isn't a member of MENSA, either. But that still doesn't mean she couldn't be ruthless. I wonder if the Emerson, Cassano, Chivu and David Suazo situations have driven her past her breaking point and it's no more Ms. Nice Roma. I know I would've snapped a long time ago and I'm a very mellow person (you'd be surprised). I'm not saying I wouldn't want a brilliant man taking control of this club, but we have to work with what we're given and I would love to see a hard-lined bitch running this club - especially in any dealings with any of the other big clubs. Kicking ass and taking names later. It would shock me but, hey, we are a product of our experiences. Maybe these tough experiences were exactly what she needed to put away the butterflies and cupcakes and become a quality head-mistress. After all, hell hath no fury......



Classic. (Expect absolutely nothing to be resolved today. Or anytime soon.)

The Fluffernutter:

After yesterday's somewhat head-scratching news that Genoa is interested in Christian Panucci, it seems Max Tonetto is also on other team's wishlists, with Torino a big fan. What is this? Assault on Roma's Senior Citizen Fullbacks Week? That's not cool.

The Torino rumors are understandable because Walter Novellino and Tonetto were together at Sampdoria, where Max really flourished as a winger. Still, Tonetto a starting XI spot on a Champions League club that will at least compete somewhat for the scudetto. Something tells me battling it out for a UEFA Cup spot at best with Torino doesn't exactly appeal to ole Max.

(Feel free to substitute 'Panucci' for 'Tonetto' and 'Genoa' for 'Torino' anywhere in that last paragraph).

II) Some guy named Francesco Modesto should be in Rome soon. That's a new one. Would somebody just make up their damn mind already? It's not like he's a world-class super-duper-star or anything. We're going to start calling the Modesto situation "Tampaxgate."

Random though: Has anybody ever found the Top 10 on the Letterman Show even remotely funny? (The Venus Williams Top 10 is on Sportscenter right now if you're wondering)

IV) If Roma is in fact after Giuseppe Rossi, it will cost €10-12m according to his agent. I don't see it happening, he's much more likely to join the revolving door of under 25 strikers in Firenze or Parma. Or the NJ Turnpike Authority.

V) Stefano Okaka Chuka has supposedly been guaranteed a starting spot by Modena according to his agent. I would be more in favor of a Serie A move, strictly for the competition, but playing time is a more important factor. If he's not going to get quality playing time at a club like Reggina then Serie B it is. Roma is also in negotiations to extend his contract. I'd expect a lot of that going on post-Chivugate. As well as a lot of fireworks, champagne, a Barry Manilow concert and a releasing of doves from the Giallorossi fanbase. Oh Mandy.

VI) In a related note, the striker depth is dwindling by the day. Vincenzo Montella is almost definitely headed to Sampdoria and Okaka Chuka's likely loan departure means Mirko Vucinic is the only back-up left on the depth chart, obviously excluding Mancini as an emergency man up top. There should be a token squad member coming in for depth chart purposes if these deals go through. I'm available, but I'm going to want €3.5m minimum. Wait, €4m. Nope, €4.5. Actually, we'll go with €5m. Nevermind. I want €20m per annum, because I'm Christian Chivu and I'm the best EVER.

Actually, I'd play for meal money and a pat on the ass from Spalletti every once in a while. And a piggy back ride from Little David.

VII) Donieber and Juan both played last night against Uruguay, which the Selecao won on penalties (5-4). Our favorite goal-scoring CB netted a PK. Doni had a quality stop on a Diego Forlan penalty, and was responsible for saving the other two misses. But it's really hard to judge netminding performance on penalties (save for Ricardo v England and Jose Reina v Chelsea - at least those are the two that come to mind on major stages in recent times), so I won't read too much into it. Doni couldn't do much about the goals in the first 90 either. The first he had to punch out because whoever's back he climbed over prevented him from being able to get two hands up. The second was just a lucky deflection to the guy on the right who had 3/4 of the goal mouth to work with.

VIII) Roma is after Leandro Rinaudo of Siena, as are Genoa & Milan. Well, there's that young defender Spalletti was talking about.

* - The GHD Round 2 begins a little affter this.