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GHD Round 2: Philippe Mexes v David James

Only one today, I'm trying to work out using one of those online poll whozimawhazits for the rest of the second round, that way we can get more voter turnout. Hopefully the second round will bring more people out of the woodwork.

1. Philippe Mexes CB AS Roma


8. David James GK Portsmouth


Philou absolutely dominated Rodrigo Palacio in the first match-up of the GHD, to absolutely no one's surprise. Now, he takes on James - a much much more formidable opponent. However, this is still Philippe Mexes here. The man is the King of Pretty Hair. That's all I need. Oh, and Mexes gets a MOVIE......

bacetto mexes corto




Alright, I may have very dark Crisco-looking Italian hair, but I'm going to go for Mexes look. Pictures forthcoming. Wait, maybe not.


The side part could take it down, but he hasn't stuck with it long enough. He's got a lifetime achievement coming his way even though he hasn't nearly reached his potential. Imagine James with a Ladies Man afro? Or a Jules Winnfield Jheri curl? Or a pompadour? Damn, now I'm disappointed. I want to see those.





That last pick is probably why the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn in the draft this year even though they desperately needed a QB. Or it could be because Quinn is hugely overrated (I think it was Herbstreet that said if he hadn't gone to ND he would've been a 5th round pick - priceless). Either one. And scratch that Mexes hair thing. I'm going for a pompadour.

Vote below.......