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Somebody Please Stop The Bleeding

189f0eb5075846e896556b9477c94ae8_200703062242195_1.jpg(I've been waiting to use that pic for awhile. I love how Mexes looks like a 4 year old boy who's just seen blood for the first time)


Before we get to serious matters, here's the much talked about eBay link, courtesy of our resident google dumpster-diver, Mike (seriously though, beaucoup thanks).

In case you missed it, all negotiations to send Christian Chivu away have been exhausted, and he will see out the remaining year on his contract on Roma's payroll. I won't say at the Olimpico or in a Roma jersey, because it's still up in the air what the club will do with him, but it's obvious something will happen. He has put Internazionale before Roma and Spalletti will have absolutely none of that, I'm sure of it. Nor should he. I think Spalletti made up his mind what he would do should this happen a long time ago, and if he hasn't, he will by Sunday. I would also assume Il Capitano and, to an extent, Daniele De Rossi (considering his future captaincy and strong friendship with Chivu) will have a large say in what happens here. This is their club and so much more, having both grown up in the shadow of the Olimpico as born and bred Romanista. I don't know. I'm not going to say much about it, I already posted last night here when it happened. It's too depressing to revisit over and over.

Obviously this will affect next season a large amount, but it will also have a big impact on this summer's mercato. If Chivu is allowed on the pitch, then Roma really has no reason for another LB, as he will likely start or at least back-up at the position. There is probably a 4th CB coming in anyway, and Leandro Rindau appears to be gaining momentum for a Roma move right now (co-ownership, of course). I doubt his move would require a lot of money, so Chivu may not impact him that much. If Chivu is put on the Primavera pine or told to just stay home then Roma is going to have to decide a whole new transfer strategy, because they can't count on many banknotes coming in. At that point Francesco Modesto at €6m would seemingly be an unwise purchase, maybe even on co-ownership, depending on the Sensi financial situation. The financial impact of this decision is obviously massive, and we won't really know anything until the club makes a decision regarding Chivu. But, as of this moment, unless Rosella decides to open up that checkbook, it looks like the purchase of a world-class talent is on hold. Right now, the pickup of a player like Franco Semioli would be surprising and massive. Outside of a depth chart winger and a 4th CB, Roma could very well be done in the mercato.

Also, as we have found out, the Becali brothers have somewhat of a monopoly regarding the talent in Romania, especially with their cousin being resident nuck-futter of Steaua Bucharest. It's not exactly news that a good deal of agents are charlatans and shysters, it's in their job description. But this has been a whole different case, and there aren't many situations where an agent holds this much of an impact over negotiations. Now, Romania isn't exactly teeming with elite talent, but I can imagine this will have a massively negative impact on any Romanian nationals who have either Becali as an agent. One of those seemingly being Ciprian Marica, a long term Roma target (still no confirmation though from my Romanian speaking brethren). It seems like this is an unfair situation for many of these players, but could you blame clubs if they never wanted to deal with the Becali brothers ever again? Hopefully FIFA steps in and launches an investigation into this whole matter (which would truly make it Chivugate).

And let me say one last thing: He never was, is not, nor will he ever be, Romanista. He doesn't deserve that honor.

(A sympathy card, courtesy of Lyon & Inara. Chivu obviously has no career as a boxer - he went down immediately. It's just a broken nose. Suck it up, big boy)

Other, More Inconsequential Stuff:

I) If insider phone calls to members of internet forums are to be believed, Kappa will be Roma's sponsor for next year. That doesn't sound all that convincing. Actually it it doesn't sound convincing at all, but I think in this case it's more legitimate than it sounds. It has to be Kappa.

II) Last week, when Mauro Esposito's signing became official, I mentioned that I though Roberto Donadoni's goal was to "call up every single player in Serie A and a few sprinkled in Serie B." I think I was right. The Don Doni has refused to rule out recalling Christian Panucci to La Nazionale. Please let's hope not. I'd love to see some nostalgic Panucci Overlaps for the Azzurri but I'm not sure he'd have any gas left in the tank for Roma. Or the bedroom.

Our favorite Roman loanee, Matteo Brighi, would rather play for Napoli than Reggina. It's looking like he has about as much of a chance as seeing time in a Roma kit as I do. Hopefully they'll at least give him a replica.

IV) Tampaxgate:
Roma and Reggina are still talking about Francesco Modesto. What a fucking development.

With Cristian Lucarelli almost definitely headed for big scrilla in the Ukrainian Premiel League with Shakhtar Donetsk, it looks like Ciprian Marica is on his way out. They'd already brought in Oleksandr Hladky (top scorer in UPL at 19) and now Lucarelli. With his contract up next year and Roma reportedly still in the hunt, it's possible he could make his way to the Olimpico. However, if he has that d-bag Becali as an agent let's hope Roma says "No thanks" and moves on. I hope never to see another Becali player in a Giallorossi kit ever again, including Chivu.

* - This blog is the first time taking Russian in college has benefited me whatsoever, outside of watching old Soviet propaganda films, obviously. I'd like to thank you, the readers, for making those wasted thousands of dollars now actually mean something. Now, if you guys can work on that German Literary Modernism class I took that'd be peaches. Thanks. (And if any one of you even says one thing referencing Franz Kafka I will hunt you down and punch you in the face. Good class. Good class.)

VI) Does anybody body else who uses get really get excited when they see one of the links on the Roma page pop up in red only to come to realize they were talking about Cisco Roma? That's just mean-spirited and cruel.

VII) Roma and Palermo are in swap talks regarding Aleandro Rosi and Leandro Rindau. I'm all for this since Rosi is likely boarding the last train out of town. It's time to start pinching pennies and clipping coupons. Roma needs to get depth as cheaply as possible now. Maybe Roma will start raiding the Swiss Second Division?

Francesco Antnioli rumors started again. They're fucking with me, I know they are.

IX) Stefano Okaka Chuka should be headed on loan to Modena tomorrow. Whatever works.

X) Even though some reports are still talking about Valeri Bojinov, I find it very hard to believe he's a plausible purchase for Roma this summer - unless Rosella has been saving mad money in a mattress for just this case. Too bad, Roma really needs to replace Chippen's WAG and as far as I know, Esposito, Barusso, Juan and Pit (Pronounced 'Piz') just aren't going to get it done. Though I'm sure there's a ton of sex appeal after putting on the Bellinzona jersey. I'm going to formulate a list of potential targets due strictly to their better halves and then fax it to Spalletti. It has to be this way.