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GHD Round 2: Edgar Davids v Jose Luis Perlaza

Alright, bear with me because we're going to try out one of those online poll things. Your comments are still welcomed and encouraged, provided the comment thread doesn't turn into a homosexual love fest (you know who you are). This page has been officially rated PG-13. Cool? I'll put up #2 for the day as long as this poll thingy works. Don't hold your breath, I'm admittedly computer retarded. I can fuck up using Microsoft Word, so nothing is beyond my incompetence.

5. Edgar Davids CM Ajax


4. Jose Luis Perlaza DF Centro Deportivo Olmedo


This competition may just be about hair, but it's impossible to ignore the overall package. Factor in the looks, the goggles and the snarling dog mentality from a little man, it's hard to ignore the fact that Davids is The Guy. I mean, who else can pull off that first pic and look completely badass?





The King of his genre, easily.


The shaved double-mullet. Party in the front AND back. It just doesn't get any better (or worse) than that. I, for one, could easily go the rest of my life without seeing another picture of Perlaza's.....whatever. You may feel differently.



Fortunately, and unfortunately, there were only a few pictures of Perlaza floating around, so we had to go with repeats. I think that's best for all parties involved.

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