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GHD Round 2: David Beckham v Fernando Torres

6. David Beckham RW Real Madrid/LA Galaxy


3. Fernando Torres ST Atletico Madrid


David's still bleach blonde, much to everyone's dismay - but he's still got that quality CV to look back on. Which makes this the battle of the tournament so far. A legend past his hair styling prime and an up and coming future legend in the sport of coiffage. David has enough papparazzi photos to fill up 7 of these tournaments, but luckily, some British website did it for me....




I decided to add one more so you didn't think I was lazy or anything.


I wouldn't go as far as saying this kid is the Spanish Mexes, but he certainly has awesome potential. His Liverpool press conference was no let down (and if anyone knows where I can get the shirt Rafa is wearing they'll win a prize or something, I'm not kidding - I love it). He also wins the award for the largest mouth opening. For the hair, it's the stuff legends are made of.....

1. HCFernandoTorres_me_e28699_4734554 (Obviously, this one needed a repeat showing)






He's also made me think we need to have a vote for the best tattoos on football players. Fernando is questionable, he has a decent 9 on his right wist, but the inscription on his left arm is just his name in Elvish (supposedly from Lord of the Rings?) - the leg, not sure what it means. I'm not hugely impressed. Beckham had the title hands down until he started on that sleeve on his right arm.

Anywho, I think this could be tight. Both have gone to the edges of fashion and back, but Fernando has shown so much promise so early. Beckham didn't truly come out of his shell until later on. Can you imagine what FT's CV will look like circa 2012? Oh my. Also, there's the fact that an ABBA song was named after him BEFORE he was born. It doesn't get much better than that.

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