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GHD Round 2: Abel Xavier v Rino Gattuso

Only one match-up today because this one is too important to be vying with another match-up for air time. The poll has been working so we're going to keep it up.

7. Abel Xavier DF LA Galaxy


2. Gennaro Gattuso CM Milan


Abel put an incredibly impressive shutout of Patrick Owomoyela but he's now going up against the big boys. Gattuso is no Owomoyela and he is not to be taken lightly. Luckily, there was also another compilation from yet another British website a la Beckham. Cheating? Maybe. Do I care? Not a bit.


Outside of the Mo-braid, or the Braidhawk, I'm not all that impressed.


Rino blends horror movie looks with awesomeness like no one else in history. The facial hair is also as quality as it gets. Especially with the stache shaved off. The man is a gift to us all.

tn_25 Gattuso (Without a doubt the greatest accomplishment in photography ever)


gattuso_htop (Just check out that volume. Ladies, eat your hearts out.)




The cover of Vanity Fair sealed the deal for me. He's a born legend of understated long Italian hair. The main even looks like a stud with it shaved off. Combined with the beard he is the ultimate hair total package.

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