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GHD Round 2: Cesc v Totti Totti Totti

Tomorrow will begin the Quarter-Finals, with Philippe Mexes v Edgar Davids, both of whom won their respective 2nd round match-ups easily. But there are still a few second round match-ups that are too close to call at this point, so if you haven't voted for them yet, please do so, and I'll give you permission to skip the next US Presidential election. Anyway, here are the match-ups that still need votes, so get to it:

David Beckham v Fernando Torres

Abel Xavier v Rino Gattuso

Pavel Nedved v Djibril Cisse

10. Cesc Fabregas CM Arsenal


2. Francesco Totti ST AS Roma


The one moment in time versus Totti's years of splendor. Poor Cesc.



If this contest was down to 'who has the most ridiculously awesome photos that I can't help but downloading to my hard drive and forcing my computer to want to throw up' it would easily be Totti's title. The man is a gift. No, I'm not wearing my Giallorossi-tinted sunglasses whatsoever.



f_totti No, I don't feel posting pictures of Totti doing work with UNICEF children is unfair or biased. Why do you ask?

14103_news There's the short hair - still looking like a gladiator.

totti-2Kappa, baby!


Nor am I above posting shirtless Armani ads with which to reel in the female demographic. Provided they can roll their tongues back in their mouths and pick their jaws of the desk to vote. (Wake up, ladies)

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