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The Great Hair Debate: Pavel Nedved v Christian Wilhelmsson

1. Pavel Nedved CM Juventus


16. Christian Wilhelmsson RW Nantes


There's little else to say but: The man looks like a 4 year old boy but he pulls it off with style and grace. And that is the only time you will hear me complement a former Lazio player. There's no denying the man is gifted.....



gallery5 (I'm so happy cause today I found my friends, they're in my head...)


It's going to take a major major upset here. That's just quality quality quality.


I'm not sure what's worse, Chippen's hairtsyling or his play. You knew that was coming. The brutal mohawk with the front spike has to go down as one of the worst styling faux pas in this tournament. And oh yes, there was a rat tail..........



566 (the rat tail)

WM 2006 - Trinidad und Tobago - Schweden (more rat tail....)

It was quite difficult to find evidence of the rat tail, but it's there. And it's oh so horrible. How do you feel about your man now, Martha? Huh? Is that backpedaling I hear?

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