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GHD QF: Philippe Mexes v Edgar Davids

1. Philippe Mexes CB AS Roma


5. Edgar Davids CM Ajax


There really isn't much more to say at this point, he's just the embodiment of hair awesomeness.





Apparently he and Chivu decided to go to the local mall to get some headshots done one day.


If you missed it, Edgar broke his leg last week during a friendly against Go Ahead Eagles - which is embarrassing and difficult enough in itself. Now he has to go up against No. 1 seed Mexes in the GHD. It just isn't getting much better for him.





I think that last one might be photoshopped, but I can't be too sure.

I'll send out another regular post later today, but I'm waiting on the Chivu developments. In case you missed it, some whispers are starting to circulate that Rosella has met with Moratti and they have agreed to a deal for Chivu - even saying a deal could be announced within hours. Could be hot air, but they did meet in relative secret over the weekend. I think he might be out within the next two days.

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