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GHD QF: Francesco Totti v Taribo West

10. Taribo West DF Julius Berger FC


2. Il Capitano ST AS Roma


I really can't explain the West phenomenon to you, I really can't. One of the guys I thought could give Totti a run for his money in this tournament, Fab Colo, was ousted in dominating fashion by Nigeria's future leader of state. I guess it's time to give him his due, but Coloccini is no Totti. Not even close.

Sport Fu§ball



Anybody else notice the bald spot in the first pic? No wonder he always keeps a spot in between antennae.


A commanding favorite, but what else would you expect from Rome's modern day demi-god? The first one has me considering revoking Pavel Nedved's title of best in-motion hair. Last one clinched it.





gallery.totti.apHow rare is it that someone is actually commended for spitting on another player? If this guy can get Kaka The Prophet to nearly lose his cool, he's got to be real bad.


The last one has become the iconic photograph of the Great Hair Debate for me. That's just superb in so many areas, and a big kudos to whoever snapped that pic. The new king of in-motion hair.

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