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Chivu Official & Already Long Forgotten (Plus More Kit Pics)

919708735_d267af8a1b_m.jpgGettin' Down To Business:

So, we finally got the Chivu and Marco Andreolli particulars, which break down like this:

Chivu: €16m total, paid over three year increments by Moratti, as well as the proceeds of a friendly (one would assume to be played next summer)
2007/08 - €6m
2008/09 - €5m
2009/10 - €6m*

* - At which point Chivu will be playing in the Romanian 2nd division because Inter is where careers go to die.

Andreolli: 50% ownership at €3m paid out this season. His contract will average out around €750,000 per annum.

Whether or not Roma is locked in at €3m for next summer is another question, but €6m is a very fair estimation of this kid, at least based on talent alone. You've got to wonder what this means for Juan and Matteo Ferrari should this kid progress substantially this season. Neither are really up there in age, especially for central defenders, and Andreolli's talent dictates that should he progress as expected, he's going to be due a starting spot within a few years. But that's a ways away and I'm sure not really something Spalletti is really concerned with right now.

* - He loses points with me for that really awkward thumbs up.

sp5.jpgShopping Spree:

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, beat to the punch to announce deal sending Chivu to the lesser side of Milan next season, only the first of many times Inter will get bent over at the hand of AS Roma this season. Like a teenager jetting off to the mall after they get their bi-monthly paycheck, Roma did not waste time by diving into their vault and swimming in their coinage a la Scrooge McDuck. No sir they did not. As soon as the €13m straight cash was guaranteed, they started flashing it in the face of Borussia Dortmund, in an attempt to lure yet another Brazilian who can't get Selecao caps to the Olimpico. This time it's Dede, or Leonardo de Déus Santos, BVB's 29 year old marauding left back (Steve beat me to the punch though). That picture makes me an instant fan. There are a lot like that, and he seems to be a really fun-loving guy, and could obviously add to the Brazilian feel in the locker room. Also floating around are a few with the captain's armband on, which is typically a good sign (as vice-captain I would assume, Christian Worns is BVB's long-standing captain). That sound in the background is Francesco Modesto crying into his pillow after Roma decided they weren't ready for a committed relationship and said "maybe I should just play the field." Nice guys finish last, Francesco. Get used to it.

However, it's not time for Francesco to make up a dartboard with Rosella's picture in the middle just yet, the Roma offer was still well off BVB's asking price. Supposedly Roma called up immediately and offered €6m for Dede, while Borussia Dortmund want €10m. However, there is always the great equalizer - the player. Dede wants to come to Rome and make big lira, and believes after his many years of loyal service (in Dortmund since '98), the club owes him this reward. Fair enough if you ask me. 9 years is a long time for a high-class to play for a foreign club which hasn't exactly been considered a world beater at any point in recent times. It's a lot different than Chivu demanding a move to one of Roma's greatest competitor for the domestic trophies. Big difference. His quote:

“I can sign for four years in Rome and earn a multiple of that which I could earn in Dortmund,” Dede was quoted as saying. “I have been in Dortmund for so long that I believe I have earned this chance.”

As for Dede as a player, it makes sense from some angles and not so much from others. His playing style and class seem to fit Roma's system very well, and he is considered a pure wing back, but with outstanding defensive abilities - being especially strong in the tackle. Great on the dribble and a very good on the ball presence, and I also read that he is the most fouled player in the Bundesliga. If that's an official stat I'm not sure, but set pieces are always welcome. Especially considering he has a deadly left foot, a strong option combined with the current and newly acquired free kick talent (I'm lookin at you, Ahmed). Not to imply Totti shouldn't take as many free kicks as he so desires. But just in case. On top of all that, he reportedly has Perrotta-like stamina, a valuable asset for anyone. And I mean anyone.

The whole Max Tonetto situation is confusing also. Ole Max was one of Roma's most solid players last season, and has done nothing to warrant being replaced in the starting XI now that Chivu has left. Dede is quite obviously starting XI quality and then some, and is not really young enough to be considered "the future." Modesto was one thing. He is obviously being looked at as an apprentice, which is not the case with Dede. Max probably breathed a huge sigh of relief when Chivu was moved, because he just got back his starting spot, but he couldn't exactly stay worry-free for long. But I'm certainly not complaining. High-class depth is always welcomed and never discouraged. Just like world peace and black tar heroin.

Considering Dede's recent statements and somewhat reliable info coming out of Germany, this surely has legs. As for the plausibility, I say it still looks like the LB coming in will be Modesto. But who am I to say.

* - I don't think that €6m was just a number Roma floated off the top of their heads. The first payment coming from Inter, of the 3 installments from Chivu's deal, is €6m. Also, the rumored sponsorship deal agreed to with Wind was for €6m per annum. So it looks like more than just a coincidence. If the Wind transaction pulls through, it would seem Roma has just landed €12m real scrilla for next year. Whether or not Rosella plans to use it on players or Lee press-on fingernails is another story.

The Weekend Update:

I) The Wind telecommunications deal is reportedly €6m for two years, as reported above. In case anyone missed the logo yesterday, here ya go:


I actually like it, provided it comes in white on the home jerseys. I suppose color wouldn't look bad on the undergarments aka away kit, but it would look a tad funny on red. Not to mention the black kit currently being hemmed by thousands of underpaid child laborers in southeastern Asia.

II) Speaking of the kits, more pictures of the 3rd/CL kit (black), the GK jersey (lime green) and the 2nd keeper jersey (oranje). I wish I was still standing between a pair of sticks just so I could pick up one of those green keeper shirts. Sexy.



I'm a big fan of that black on black with the orange Kappa logo, too. Kappa can be expecting a quick €60 from me soon.

III) Francesco Modesto is on Roma's roster in wikipedia. I love wikipedia. I think it's one of the best things that's happened to the internet in recent years. There's a lot of great information on there. But it might be completely made up. It's like the Massimo Cellini of websites.

IV) Just a reminder, as part of the Juan transaction, Roma will be playing a friendly against Bayer Leverkusen tomorrow. Not that you can stream it on the internet or anything - from what I can tell. Just thought I'd remind you not to forget a friendly you can't watch anyway. Because I'm a nice guy like that.

V) For those desperate to see an American at the Olimpico, a glimmer of hope was just opened. According to the Columbus Dispatch (that just screams reliability and legitimacy, doesn't it?), Roma is one of a horde of teams interested in Danny Szetela, whoever that is. He's in the same group as Giuseppe Rossi and that Zizza/Zizzo/Zizzu/whatever guy who's been pimped around here in that he is American, but born to immigrant parents - in this case Polish.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again - if I see a single player make the jump from MLS immediately to a Serie A Roma squad I might vomit and will join the legions ready to behead Rosella at dawn. EPL/Bundesliga is one thing. Serie A is a whole different league, different style, different world. Nuh uh. No way no how. Especially when the other teams on the list read like this: Parma, Siena, Everton, Middlesbrough and Galatasary. All mid-level teams at the very best. No thank you.

VI) Aleandro Rosi is drawing significant interest from Livorno, to the point that a deal of some sort may be concluded as early as today. What kind of deal hasn't been said. Just a deal. So, uh, thanks for the heads up.

VII) Napoli wants Matteo Brighi. Still. Meeting to take place Monday. Reggina wants him in part for Modesto. Roma wants to keep him.

What a freaking ruckus over Matteo Brighi, huh? Who saw this one coming?

VIII) Cicinho is doing his best to voice his displeasure with Bernd Schuster's nefarious positioning. Apparently Mr. Cici doesn't take kindly to playing out on the left. Which makes you wonder, does Roma really want a guy who refuses to play a "different" position? Or the same position on the other side of the pitch. Judging by Spalletti's "no one is bigger than the team" stance, it's possible this might have affected his thinking somewhat.

There is also a rumor saying that Cici might be available to Roma on loan, which would be very appealing to Rosella. To me, not so much unless there is a concrete clause to buy after the year. Considering the injuries and relative lack of playing time last year in Madrid and his still fairly pricey valuation, if he shows any type of good form next year I'd be frightened to see what pricetag Real will slap on him next summer. This is, afterall, the same club that paid €30m for Pepe. And in about a month their nickname went from 'Club of the Century' to 'Club that paid €30m for Pepe.' God knows what they'd want for Cici next summer.

Either way, this will take awhile to play out. Now that Roma has the bank, they want to look around and check their options, which is the smart move - as opposed to just blindly throwing €8-10m at Real Madrid. But I think they'll still wind up with Cici. Europe isn't exactly teeming over with readily available, highly talented wingbacks/fullbacks.

IX) For anybody still having lucid dreams of Roque Santa Cruz dancing at the Olimpico, you can forget about it. He signed for Blackburn today. Group hug.