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GHD: The Final Four Bracket

final4.gifThe quarterfinals are over, much to my pleasure. There was only one "upset" last round, and at this point it isn't all that much of an upset at all. Nobody seems to be able to stop the follicular steam roller that is Djibril Cisse. Even though the vote was still fairly close, it must be observed that a great percentage of Serio Ramos' votes were for something other than his hair. And the females can feel free to read into that however they damn well please.

Rino Gattuso also squeaked past a young Spaniard, showing that while David Beckham may be a surpassable obstacle, he is no match for the manly beastness of Ivan the Terrible. In what could probably be considered not much of a surprise at all, both Giallorossi participating absolutely dominated their opponents with a victory margin topping 85%. Because my readers aren't biased whatsoever. Nope nope nope.

The Roundup:

North Bracket

v Davids: Philippe has done absolutely nothing to give any doubt that he is the number one overall seed in this tournament. As dominating as it gets.

Torres v Gattuso: I'll go ahead and say that FT likely has a brighter hair future than Rino, considering his age and already outstanding CV, but he is no match for the overall package that is Gennaro Ivan Gattuso. The ultimate total package when it comes to hair.

South Bracket:

Cisse v Ramos: It was really close, but Cisse pulled it out at the end. Ramos' hotness, anywhere, was no match for Cisse's cultured talents. Boys got skillz. (yeah, I meant that z - he's hood)

West v Totti: tisk tisk tisk

The Final Four:

North Bracket:

1. Philippe Mexes CB AS Roma
2. Gennaro Gattuso CM Milan

South Bracket

8. Djibril Cisse ST Marseille
2. Francesco Totti ST AS Roma

No real matchup of the Final Four, Cisse is obviously the low seed, but we all know why he was docked a few spots. But he is going up against Rome's icon. Gennaro should put up a much better fight than any of Philippe's recent opposition, but come on, he's number one overall for a reason. His talent is too great to deny.

One interesting development is the fact that this is two Italians v. two Frenchies, two countries who I think participated in another tournament recently. Let's just hope Cisse doesn't try to headbutt Totti when things things aren't going his way.

Philippe v Rino to be released a little later today.