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Rosinaldo & A Plethora Of Nothingness


So, after everybody had written off any chance of acquiring Alessandro Rosina from Torino (myself included), the rumor mill has started back up again. Only this time, there's a positive outlook due to some recent developments. We all know Roma likes Rosinaldo, who doesn't. We know that Luciano Spalletti loves Rosinaldo - again, who doesn't. We also know Torino has a little crush on Mirko Vucinic. What I didn't know, you may have - Mr. Know-It-All, was the relative unease of Rosina's extension talks with Torino, and that his current deal runs out in the summer of 2009. It's not like he's going to hit the market at the stroke of midnight on Monday, but it's still a real concern for Torino, as evinced by the complete mess going on with Christian Chivu right now. It's obvious that trying sell when a contract will run out in a year isn't ideal for clubs to be setting an astronomical pricetag, though it also doesn't mean the club won't get relative market value (see: Real Madrid's €18m Chivu bid).

Rumors have it that Rosinaldo wants to spend one more year in the northwest corner before moving onto greener pastures, aka a bigger club and bigger paychecks. Normally I'm all for great players trying to take a 'smallerish' club to prominence (unless Roma can grab them), and would love to see a Granata squad closer to Grande Torino, but that team is positively ancient and how the future plays out is very questionable at this point. It's hard to blame him. Now, I still don't think this happens right now, but I'm not going to completely rule it out like I had before. Torino and its fanbase obviously loves having Rosinaldo on the pitch, but the hierarchy also has to look at this from the business perspective. They could probably get above their reported asking price - a paltry €10m - right now, as opposed to next year when they could experience their own Chivugate. If they've decided that Rosinaldo may have to be offloaded eventually, they could go after a package including one of their top targets - it's not a bad consolation prize.

From a fan's perspective, I'm hoping Vuci sticks around because he is hugely talented and I think he will turn out to be one of the better strikers in Serie A - and if you missed yesterday's comment thread, I'm a big fan of mostly all things Eastern European (don't ask). But there is a huge roadblock in his way (called the European Golden Boot) and he's not going to benefit from playing on the wing, whereas a wing tandem of Rosinaldo and Mancini is just dreamy as well as beneficial now and for the future. Then there's the idea of Mancini, Simone Perrotta and Rosinaldo just behind Totti and Vucinic in a 3-2-3-2. Oh my. Unfortunately, it will almost definitely take some form of Mirko (loan, co-ownership or otherwise) in a deal with Torino, so it's truly a pipe dream. But a guy can dream, right?

* - Also, if Roma somehow gets a uni with collars next year, Rosinaldo can pull of the popped collar. He might not be Eric Cantona, but he stills rocks it better than the majority of players I've seen attempt it in recent times. That is, if Roma gets any uniforms at all next year.



The Other Stuff:

I) Minor transaction yesterday, Daniele Galloppa is now on co-ownership with Siena for a reported fee of €1.2m. Too bad, Torino was reportedly hot and heavy for the next Jesus of Nazareth. In case you missed it, somebody wrote an article a few weeks back lauding Galloppa as a slightly more gift Zizou - I bet it was his mommy. Maybe he could've been part of a potential Rosinaldo move? Damnit.

It is possible though that Roma could just decide to sell Torino their half, but they may have jumped the gun a little bit here.

II) Roma still wants Cicinho, but they're waiting for the Chivu funds - if they do in fact get any. FIFA's suuperagent, Ernesto Bronzetti, seems to think it will take Real Madrid landing Dani Alves to convince them to let go of Cici. Somebody give Sevilla a call and make this happen. I want Cici. Luciano wants Cici. We all want Cici.

By the way, not only am I pissed at Chivu for fucking over Roma, but I'm also bullshit because he's ruining my prediction at the beginning of the summer that he would get sent to Madrid and Cicinho would make his way to Rome this summer. Even if it probably wouldn't be in the same deal at this point (details details details). Asshole.

III) I know I've said I don't like Ludovic Giuly for whatever reason. I don't even know why anymore, I just don't. I do think he could be a good option for the team and could come relatively cheap, as I don't think Barca will get their €6m asking price. I will admit I haven't seen him play much at Barcelona this season, but he has always struck me as the type of player who will lose a good amount of his effectiveness once his legs start to go, and he's on the wrong side of 30 as we speak. I trust Spalletti when he says he would take him - I especially trust him on attackers - but I wonder how much he will impact the team with Taddei and Mauro Esposito already on the roster. I can understand a world-class winger or a talented youngster, but I'm not sure a healthy Esposito can't be just as much of a little nuisance to defenses.

That was my polite way of saying, "ABSOLUTELY NOT." Of course Totti wants him so.......

I bow to the great captain's wishes. Giuly it is.

IV) If there was ever anyone who was wondering the way to my heart, Martha found it yesterday. Two words: Russian Cheerleaders.

For some odd reason, the girls of the Eastern Bloc get to me, it's a certain je ne sais quoi that I can never wrap my mind around. I really don't know what it is. And I may have to take up Razvan's invitation of checking out the, um, Romanian "talent" some day. Because I'll be damned if I discriminate, and Romanian girls need love too.

I know this has nothing to do with Roma, but I don't care. It's a slow news day. And if a certain girlfriend of mine should happen to come across this, she can expect some jewelry in the near future. But I won't be holding my breath, because she'll read any blog about who's fucking who at the moment but she won't even give mine a glance anymore. I'm just not appreciated.

V) Alright, I'm making a ruling right now. 'Hot as balls' is valid terminology to describe a man's good-lookingness as long as 'hot as vulva' can be used to describe a sexy woman.

Yeah, I didn't think so. (Apologies for any mental images that may conjure up)

For anyone who missed yesterday's debate, go to the Sergio Ramos v Timo Kunert Hair Debate page, otherwise this could be very very awkward.

VI) Inter have reportedly signed another South American defender yesterday, a certain Nelson Rivas. That's nice, I'd highly doubt he would kill any Chivu deal, but this is what I found funny from c4:

"As Inter can only register one more non-EU player."

You mean they actually still had a non-EU spot available? With the 73 South Americans (Actually I counted no less than 14 + 2 out on loan last year) on that roster, the lot of them actually have EU passports? You're shitting me. They must've got their passports from Alvaro Recoba.

VII) Happy 23rd to Alberto Aquilani. Now wish for something big to happen, because this mercato is getting boooooring.