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Chivu: You're Dead To Me


Christian, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend. I don't want to know you or what you do. I don't want to see you at the hotels, I don't want you near my house. When you see our mother, I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there. You understand?

I'm done really talking about this whole Chivu situation, but in case you missed it yesterday, Victor Becali said that Roma should kneel before Moratti and beg him to buy Chivu:

"La Roma deve venire in ginocchio dall’Inter e cercare di vendere Chivu."

Agent or not, he still represents the player and his desires. As far as I'm concerned, he might as well be Laziale now. Just get him out as soon as humanly possible. I don't care if they get €8m and Alvaro Recoba.

The Sunday Finest:

I) Remember when Juan said he couldn't wait to come to Rome and score goals (Yeah, that Juan)? Well, we got a sneak preview. It wasn't exactly Messi's recreation of Maradona '86, but it was on the scoresheet nonetheless, and that's what really counts.

Doni played again as well, with 1 goal conceded. I didn't see the game, so I can't comment, but we'll chalk it up to not exactly being on his toes with a 5 goal lead at the time. I blame the offense for scoring too many goals, not Doniber. Yup, that's it.

I'm still thinking I may perish via cardiac arrest next year with Doniber in goal. In fact, I'd put 6-1 odds on it. I'd push it to 4-1 whenever he busts out the short-sleeved keeper jersey. I don't know why, but that thing terrifies me. Is Curci ready yet?

II) So, apparently Roma are interested in Julien Belletti and, to a lesser extent, Sylvinho, even though they didn't want them to be a part of the Chivu negotiations (don't ask - couldn't tell you). Honestly, they're about the same to me. Both are full backs, and neither are spring chickens. Sylvinho has always impressed me just a little bit more but has a few years on his Brazilian comrade. With Christian Panucci, Marco Cassetti and Max Tonetto as the only true fullbacks on the roster and all on the wrong side of 30, I though the plan was to get younger at that position? Who knows. Sylvinho is unlikely due to the sale of Giovanni van Brockhorst and the subsequent lack of depth on the left side. But if Belletti is released and becomes a free agent as some reports speculate, he wouldn't be an imprudent move. He still has ability and Roma needs quality depth as cheaply as possible. Oh, and they're Brazilian - which is the new Italian.

Francesco Modesto still wants Roma, Reggina wants more scrilla. And a correction from yesterday, Reggina is the one that wants the full sale while Roma wants co-ownership. Phew. I thought the world had titled off-axis when it was said Roma wanted full rights and Reggina co-ownership. Worry not. All is right with the world once again.

And would somebody go at least give Rosella a little nudge on the shoulder? Modesto has been throwing pebbles at her window for weeks now but she's too busy trying to get rid of her lying, cheating boyfriend to realize he's even there. Somebody get this kid a hug.

As yesterday with Alessandro Rosina, it's time to reach back into that short-term memory bank for another name. This time? Ciprian Marica. Apparently there is a "mystery club" in France after his services, and while St. Etienne was rumored to be after him at one point, they have seemingly dropped out. A few reports from France state Roma are still interested, as well as Stuttgart, but that may be speculation based on the previous interest. Still, he is just one of those names that will not go away. Where there's this much smoke, there's got to be a least a little fire. Right?

One interesting point is that his contract is up at the end of next season. Due to his obvious talent and his statements of being in favor of a move to Western Europe, his time in Ukraine is likely running out. Shakhtar have to know they would likely lose him on a free next summer and will want to make some money off his sale. His price may not be cheap, per say, but it could be a relative bargain. Especially if Roma wouldn't exactly be battling G14 names (one: Inter have been interested), though the Stuttgart interest does look very serious - reports state it hinges on whether Ewerthon moves to Germany from Zaragoza. I'm not sure he's necessary for Roma, but they have been big fans for awhile. Who knows.

For my Romanian speaking brethren (I'm looking at you, Razvan): I've seen a few reports with Victor Becali's and Marica's names in it. Please tell me VB isn't his agent. If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it. And if it is VB, tip-toe very very lightly when you tell me.

V) One of the strikers who was considered a possibility to backup Totti and Mirko Vucinic if Vincenzo Montella leaves, Cristian Rigano, looks headed to Red Bull Salzburg, because he wants to continue playing at a high level.

In Austria? By high level did he mean "I want Red Bull money?" Can't really blame him, he didn't make his Serie A debut until very very late, but that's still pretty funny.

And doesn't Trapattoni make something like €4-5m to coach Salzburg? Bet that wasn't about the money.

VI) From Victor Obinna's wiki:

"I watch all Manchester United matches on TV, I'd do anything to play there one day."

No thanks. Not that he'll get there, but no thanks regardless.

I went to the wiki looking to see if he is EU eligible. Anybody know if he is or know of a good website that's spot on in these matters? Football database can be well behind the times in this regard and the database isn't all that extensive to begin with. Greatly appreciated.

VII) I'm not much a fan of channel 4's actual reporting, but their quotes section is usually pretty funny:

"It’s also good luck, as the last player I sold the Giallorossi in a co-ownership agreement was Jonathan Zebina and they went on to win the Scudetto."
Massimo Cellino seemingly confusing Zebina with the likes of Gabriel Batistuta, Francesco Totti and Vincenzo Montella

Cellino's like the crazy uncle who you think is drunk 24/7 but is really just completely out of his mind, in a good way. I'm glad to have him around, it makes my life a little brighter.

VIII) "Franco Semioli wants Fiorentina and Fiorentina wants Semioli," explained Corvino when asked about the situation of the Flying Donkey player.

"However, the economic conditions must satisfy us. Still, there is time till the 31st of August and Chievo could give us the go ahead before that date."

First of all, remember when Semioli had reportedly signed for the Viola all of 12 seconds after the season ended and Chievo was relegated? Well now he's going to wait until the stroke of midnight on August 31st to sign his name with erasable pen (top 3 invention ever, but that's an entirely different topic).

Second, can I at least get a trial with Chievo just so that I can consider myself almost an ex-Flying Ass? I'm pretty tall, pretty agile and I set some mean goalkeeping records way back in the day, so I'm fairly positive I could hack it as at least the 17th option between the sticks. Or I could have a Robert Huth-like presence as an emergency striker up top. Meaning I could accomplish absolutely nothing at all.

I need an agent. Where's Victor Becali when you need him?

IX) Cicinho's out. Should have to wait about a week or two before those rumors pop back up.