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The Great Hair Debate: Royston Drenthe v Taribo West

Two today, two tomorrow and then the next round begins on Wednesday.

6. Royston Drenthe LB/LW Feyenoord Rotterdam


11. Taribo West CB Julius Berger FC


Edgar David's protege and the reason this whole hair debate started, because I was so enamored with his tight braids/dreads -whatever. It's quite simple, he's the future of braids in Europe. When Davids retires, he will assume the crown as King of Stringed Haired.




Oh, and somebody tell Spalletti to go out and get him for the left flank. Kid's sick. (Unfortunately, it would mean a bidding war up against Barcelona and Chelsea - no soup for you!)


I'm 99% convinced he's an alien. The good news? He has pulled off a lot of variation with one seemingly limited hairstyle, so big props to him. The bad news? He's going to run for political office once he retires. And yes, he is still playing professionally somewhere in Nigeria.


_38050603_nigeria_disppointment (Alright, I choose this one just for the quality photography which makes it seem like that creepy guy in the background is staring down Taribo's ass)


This could be close. Fortunately, this could be the only vote Taribo ever wins. At least let's hope so for Nigeria's sake.

Vote below........